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    Hi all, I currently attend Hunter MFA and is a first semester that got accepted for Spring 2016. It is usual that you are not asked of the deposit until September or October by mail. They do require a check mailed in or checks that is brought into the office by person. The physical acceptance letter is not sent until later on. I am also international. You will need to take at least 9 credits every semester to be considered full time student. And unfortunately international students cannot do part time like others. I hope this help. I have Carrie Moyer, Drew Beattie and Valerie Jaudon this semster if anybody wants to know more about them. Wai Ying
  2. Hi CandidCaleb, did you get any information about making a deposit? I am freaking out now because i have not heard anything since i got my acceptance letter for Spring 2016. No student ID, no mail (except a piece of paper stating that I am accepted for Spring), no link and no nothing! What do I do? I am international and freaking out in HK... Any Spring semester friends got the same problem?
  3. Yes!! TEM 33056 I have finally decided. Hunter here I come:) my name is Wai Ying, and i am so excited to meet you guys at the school next spring!
  4. Anyone know where we should send our transcripts for a Hunter? And anyone also got accepted to Spring and know when and how we should pay for the $250 deposit? I am also international if anyone know what I should do about my visa. Thanks so much!!
  5. Deep inside I know I love Hunter much much more for the kind of community it creates. Sigh. OMG I can't believe I am kind if freaking out about decision making
  6. Thank you for letting me know! I guess I was a little late, and hadn't heard anything about spring admissions. Do you have an idea about how many people get in? Someone said 48 in total with 24 for each semester?
  7. Hey cococo! I am also accepted for Spring, but isn't sure about going yet:( I know Parsons is not listed higher on ranking, and that I was much more impressed with the open studio at Hunter. But I still couldn't yet talk myself down to accept Hunter... What would you think?
  8. Hi TEM33056, thank you for letting me know the residency... Although I am in fact an international student currently living in Jersey City... I guess this isn't the residency for me:( do you have any other thoughts? Also... Disregarding tuition issues, would you pick parsons or Hunter?
  9. NYTreader thank you for your insight. I think it might not be a bad idea going in one semester later. Do you have any residency suggestions? Also... Maybe it sounds dumb, anyone also debating between Parsons and Hunter?
  10. Hi yestoyeahhhh I haven't heard anything and neither was I interviewed. I might assume rejection for NYU.
  11. Guys I got accepted as well to Hunter BUT!!!! It said that I am accepted for SPRING?? How does that happen?...
  12. OMG I cannot believe this... They are telling us we won't know the result even if it has been made? Finger crossed for everyone who got interviewed!!!
  13. Just got accepted to Parsons MFA! OMG first school... Now I am praying for Hunter❤️
  14. Just got a rejection from UCLA. Expected.
  15. Hello onbeingblue, like flawed mentioned, the school offered us admission to BFA, and allow us to graduate earlier depending on credits we have earned from undergrad. I decided to pass as well, just because I am reluctant to get another Bachelor's degree.
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