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  1. Hi Curly_girl, Yes! I'm from one of those countries! And working there upon graduation isn't much of a problem. As mentioned asha doesn't have mutual agreement with any of those countries and so if you have your cccs, there's still a need for you to take their placement test. For my country, you can only take them twice. With an aussie degree, I can be an slp straight! If money isnt a problem for you, I think you should try an Aussie uni! In that way you can travel around the world and be an slp with lesser worries! Then it will also be easy to go back home and practice as an slp as well!
  2. Hi Curly_girl, Based on what ive heard and know there's mutual agreement with asha and their Australian counterpart and so finding a job back in the us might not be a problem. However, getting certification in the us based on an Aussie certification is a pain like all paperwork are. For employment, I didn't really ask as getting a job isn't much a concerned for me as flinders program is pretty well known in my country and so I will probably get a job. Sorry wasn't much of a help here. I hope you get in and we can be classmates!
  3. Omg it's a typo! 10% a year. Now it's 53k and might increase to 58k and there's one part that it said there might be additional fees. Did you have to do the bridging course?
  4. Hey Persis, I got accepted to U syd as well but gave that up because it was too expensive. The tuition is going to increase about 10% every day. I counted all the cost and it's more expensive than studying in the Us. Not only that because it's in the city the housing is crazily expensive. Plus I heard the lidcombe area is a little shady. So I'm really relieved that I got in Flinders haja
  5. Hey Congrats!!! Just make sure you know the program really well. Its kind of like regurgitating your personal statement all over again. I don't know if you have done interviews for the slp programs in the us, it's very similar. They are super nice and so don't be too stressed up! Honestly my interview was at 730am and so I just made sure I wore a presentable shirt and shorts. They cant see my shorts anyway Haha. Anyway I saw that you got accepted in the USA. Are you still considering Australia? Good luck!
  6. Hi there, I think they already decided on who to interview but I think they are doing in waves. So the initial wave of people are probably the ones that are highly ranked based on their requirements. That being said, don't worry too much. I am just speculating and don't really know how it actually works. For the interview I received an email from them.
  7. Well I'm an international student to begin with and Australia is closer to home. Also the programs in Australia is automatically recognised in my country while certifications from the us requires me to do a conversion test. So I guess Aussie is my best bet
  8. Hi guys, i recently got accepted to all the aussie schools that i have applied and are looking to see if anybody here has applied or accepted any offer. I got accepted to University of Sydney, Flinders University as well as Curtin University. I am still deciding where to go but will most likely accept Flinders offer. Thanks!
  9. same here hahaha. MGH gave me alot of problems anyway and its too expensive for me as well! hahah.
  10. lakegirl92, you and i both. but i am thankful that at least i got a waitlist. I was starting to think that im not going to grad school! this process is so painful and tormenting!
  11. Hey do you know if they are sending it by waves?
  12. haven heard anything as well. im getting really angsty! ahh!
  13. Thanks! Next week is my spring break! at least i can get off my phone for a while and delay reality!
  14. Congrats slplivin! Does anyone know when ut austin or baylor notifies applicants?
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