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  1. Aw man, you're making me jealous! Want to share?
  2. The wait is over for me. I got accepted to my top choice school but with no funding for the first year. At least my #2 school pulled through!
  3. I'd say you "anticipate accepting" pending your formal letter. That way they have a pretty good idea what you're doing, but you're not locked in just in case something happened - not that it would.
  4. I'm probably waiting until the 15th. I've got an acceptance to school #1 and I'm waiting on school #2. I was told school #2 decide on April 19th (obviously after I have to tell school #1), but I'm hoping they'll decide earlier. But I don't think either of these schools do waitlists so it's not like I'm holding off on somebody else's acceptance.
  5. I always thought it was the other way around...the academic department chooses who they want to accept, then send it to the grad school to make sure they met the minimum requirements. At least that's how it's worked where I've applied. (Note that in this case referred generally does mean accepted since departments aren't going to refer students who don't meet the general requirements.)
  6. I'm accepted to the College of Education. The stipend for 25% is about $7,500 (with a master's, 9 months). It's slightly less if you don't have a masters. If you get a 50% stipend, it's double that. I'm assuming it would be the same for a different college because they're unionized. The 25% is the minimum you need to get tuition covered.
  7. I know ... It's a complicated situation. I was *supposed* to be with another advisor, but his co-PI got sick and they're not renewing grants, so that fell through. He sent me to this other advisor (who's the one I actually really really want to work with anyway), but she's on sabbatical next year. In terms of everything besides funding, I've heard that having your advisor on sabbatical the first year is actually not too bad because I'll be taking mostly classes anyway. It's just whether they can provide me with another assistantship for that year, I guess.
  8. I just called the grad admissions coordinator for my last school today (first choice). She said they're holding my file - I think they're trying to find funding for my first year (potential advisor will be on sabbatical the first year). She said they'll probably decide at their April meeting, which meets on April 19!!! I explained that I have to let other schools know by April 15. She replied that maybe they'll be able to meet earlier. The profs are all on break now, so hopefully they'll come back ready to make decisions and invite me to their program. Otherwise I'll be a very sad girl.
  9. I'm bumping this up to see if anybody's heard yet from Madison - specifically Ed. Psych. I was told that they were meeting last week, but still haven't heard anything. I'm hoping it's not bad news, but at the same time, I'm guessing they've probably decided by now and I might just be waiting to get my rejection in the mail.
  10. Congrats on the job! I say if you're more excited over the job than the prospect of grad school, you take it and don't look back. If you're still hopeful about grad school then wait and see what happens. Either way it sounds like you're set for the next year.
  11. Oh no. That's scary to think about. Even though on my update page it states they update once a day at 7:00 am, I still check throughout the day (what else am I going to do to ease the anxiety?). I have one school left so I'm sure the stats for that page are ridiculous!
  12. Quickest acceptance was two months (End of November to end of January). I'm going on almost three months since I submitted an application to hear about their response, which will hopefully be positive. Quickest rejection was six weeks.
  13. I did a phone interview at a school in early January, had a visitation day in early February, and still haven't heard. But I've recently learned it's typical of the program not to send out responses until late March. At this school it's because the faculty frequently travel to work with people in other schools and it's hard for them to meet all at once.
  14. I finally called my #2 to see about the letter and it was a good thing I did. Somehow they FORGOT to send me my official letter! Yikes! At least it'll be in the mail today. The first thing I'll do when I get it? Resign! And then if I do actually get into my top choice, then it will be a happy bonus instead of a life-staking decision.
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