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  1. Trying to get this bachelor's degree.
  2. It's like a catch 22, either way you might lose. I say go as for as you want and hope for the best.
  3. The limited profile options will come in handy!
  4. They're not allowed to do April Fool's jokes, right?
  5. Yea, if schools would only make admissions and funding decisions before April, it would help out everyone.
  6. Life doesn't suck, you got into Alabama with funding!
  7. Still waiting on UNC and Boston University. My UNC status page has been updated recently, so I'm assuming I'll be getting the decision this week.
  8. 2 more schools. Hope to hear by April 10, so I have a weekend to think about my decision.
  9. urbanchic

    Newark, DE

    Bump. What do grad students do for fun in Newark? Or do you visit Philly or Baltimore alot?
  10. I'm also waiting for UNC-CH MA. Have you heard anything from them about when or how we here back? Or about MA funding? When did you submit your application?
  11. I hope you don't mind me asking this here, but can we rent without a credit card? Or should I get a credit card and start trying to build up credit now ASAP if I want to lease this fall?
  12. Yea, I know what you mean. I had to transfer schools my undergrad. I have 3 options so far, and I'm terrified of making the wrong choice again even though I'm more aware of what I need/want in a school than I was when I was 18.
  13. I just checked the website and I'm in at Rutgers! But I'm not sure about funding. Do they fund Master's students?
  14. Ok, I really feel like Rutgers didn't update the application decisions on that day...or by few hours to process they mean a week.
  15. One of my schools told us that we should address low GRE scores in our essay and I did. Another school said they required a certain GRE score that I didn't meet, so I addressed my weak GRE score in my statement. So if a school is really hung up on GRE scores, I would address it.
  16. Well, luckily, you applied to 12 schools. You have 9 more tries. I think you'll be fine.
  17. Sorry to hear that. Mine didn't change yet. And, wow, I didn't know Clark was so competitive.
  18. So I'm assuming we're going to wake up tomorrow with Rutgers online decisions?
  19. March it was!!!!! I still can't believe it.
  20. Ooh, yes, there will be some March Madness going on.
  21. I've noticed that this board is a bit Anti-Master's/Pro-PhD, so the answers you get in this thread are a bit biased. I'm all for getting a master's before a PhD if the person thinks it will help them be more prepared for the doctorate. 1. It doesn't have to be expensive. Try a state school. Work up and save money. Many employers will pay for your degree. Some schools do fund Master's students. Look for one. If you have to get some loans, it's only for 2 years max (hopefully.) You can work and start paying them off before you start your PhD. Peace corps? 2. Getting a job. Actually, havi
  22. Yup, getting a Master's will definitely help you. What program are you interested in for your Master's? Also, try to get some field work while you get your Master's and raising your v+q GRE scores could help too.
  23. I can continue making posts here at gradcafe.
  24. Maybe some of these We'll-tell-you-in-February-schools-but-lied think that this year is leap year.
  25. doesn't like being lied to. If you weren't going to tell me in February, why did you say you would?

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