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  1. Congratulations to all! Very excited to hear that people are accepting great offers. Attending Princeton! Anyone going to Princeton or other nearby places: feel free to PM me.
  2. Personally, I think I wouldn't ask for a release: that would be burning some bridges that I am unwilling to burn. That is, even if school X is my top choice, I wouldn't accept their offer after I had accepted an offer from my second choice (especially since it is also a great school). It would be rude and counterproductive in that it would be awkward (to say the least) to ask anyone at my second choice for any kind of help in the future. For that reason, I think the smartest thing to do after you have accepted an offer is to decline all others and take yourself off every waitlist.
  3. Thanks guys! This is all really helpful. You don't think that would be awkward given that they didn't invite me to begin with? Yeah, I agree. I will try to decline my offer from most schools by April 1st. I think I will wait for school X until some date close to April 15--say, April 13--and then, if I haven't heard from them by then, accept school Y's offer (where Y is my second choice, yet to be determined).
  4. Thank you! Hmn... I have actually heard that both have some climate problems... People tend to be too competitive. I am not so worried about that, though. I think I have enough emotional support outside of school
  5. Help me guys! I was waitlisted and University X and would very much like to go there... Would you wait for their decision (even if it is released soon before the deadline) or would you pursue another option? Considerations to bear in mind: 1) University X is a perfect fit for me, although I have been accepted at other programs I am excited about. 2) University X didn't invite me to visit, so if they accept me close to the deadline I would have to make a decision without knowing whether I could work with the faculty. Sorry I can't provide more information! PM if you would want more details. Thank you!
  6. Hi! Big time lurker here. This is my first comment. I was wondering whether anyone had any thoughts on choosing Princeton over Stanford (or vice versa). Bear in mind that my interests are primarily historical, but I am also interested in contemporary topics.
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