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  1. Speechpath, thank you! Yes I was number 8. Good luck! Anybody know the link for the Facebook page? Someone posted the name of it on the results page but I can't seem to find it on Facebook.
  2. Radioheadliner, My student center says I have been admitted and gives me the option to accept/decline!!!!! Looks like you were right!!!!! So excited!!! Can't wait to meet you!!!
  3. Same thing I got!! Really hoping you're right and I'm just being a pessimist! Gonna call in the morning!! Hope we both got in!!! Keep me updated!
  4. @radioheadliner ; did you get the e mail from the credential office saying they have finalized your offer for admission??? I got this too but I'm not sure if that means I'm admitted or if it means they've processed my application cause a few weeks ago I got an email saying my application has been updated and when I called they said they just verify GPA and everything of everyone on the list??
  5. @CCSLPGRAD, are you talking about SFSU? Doesn't seem like what you're saying matches up since they did conduct interviews and they sent a letter letting you know what ranking you are on the waitlist. @coffeeandtea, I'm with you on this one! I'm waitlisted at 2 other schools but really, really, really want to go to SFSU. Or anywhere at this point would be okay too haha. Good luck! Hope to meet you at SFSU next year!
  6. Has anyone heard anything off the waitlist? Still keeping my fingers crossed!
  7. Anybody know if they generally accept a lot of people off the waitlist? And how they will notify those who are accepted off the waitlist? Other schools are pretty specific about this but they didn't provide any info!
  8. Waitlisted #8. Hoping at least 8 people deny admission!
  9. Weird! I still haven't heard anything. No good news, no bad news. Congratulations!!!!
  10. radioheadliner, I will definitely join you in having a drink or two. The anxiety is killin' me! Especially because I keep getting bad news >:[ Here's to hoping we both get very good news very soon!
  11. Has anyone heard back from their 12 month program? Or has everyone that's heard only applied to the 24 month?
  12. You can see who has a COC on the teacher credentialing website with just a first and last name. Also, they have your social from you application. Also, I submitted a copy of my COC with my application. So we'll see!!
  13. i think all the people who have posted about acceptances have received that fingerprint e mail and that's how they found out they have been recommended for admission. It doesn't seem like any official acceptances have been sent out from the department. Still hoping that we all get good news!!! I need oneeeee solid acceptance! (No more waitlists!) Good luck everyone!
  14. It seems as though the e-mail those have gotten so far is informing them that they need to get their fingerprints processed and be cleared for a COC. I have been working at a school and already have my COC, anybody else? Hoping that's why I haven't received an admission offer yet!!! Also, my last name starts with an S so that theory can be true as well!
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