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  1. You absolutely must go to grad school where you want to live and work as an artist. The most important thing that happens in grad school is the networking that takes place. If you graduate and move to another state, how do you expect a gallery or another artist to ever look at your work? Galleries do not take submissions. Everyone who I went to grad school with that went on to be an artist afterward gained those opportunities through networking that happened in school. A reputable grad school will have an open studios event and galleries will come to look for emerging talent.
  2. The percentages of artists at commercial galleries is very misleading. The problem is that the art world has gone through major changes in the last 20 years. 20 years ago, you could make a living off of selling your work through a gallery with no degree at all. There are many older art professors with no MFA, some with no degree at all. With the IBR program, it is irrelevant to consider the high cost of tuition a factor (or any kind of funding or scholarships for that matter) in either getting or not getting a graduate degree. This program reduces my loan payments from $1,700/mo for 20 yea
  3. I will be at the open house, my MFA opening reception is that night, I'll see you there.
  4. Hello, yes, I go to CGU. Amazing, huge, well lit studios, probably 12x16 feet with 14 ft ceilings, bigger and better than the studios at SAIC. Lots of 1on 1 attention from faculty, access to LA galleries, this means the monthly visiting artists are represented by a major LA galleries and are available to have a studio visit with you. Gallery owners and curators do studio visits sometimes and if you work hard and make good work, there is a very real possibility of being represented in a legitimate LA gallery after you graduate. There is no reason to go to grad school unless it is near LA or New
  5. Income Based Repayment. Google it, it sounds to good to be real, but it is real because it is on the same piece of paper you sign from the government when you accept your federal loans. IBR means paying your loan back based on your debt, not your income, making your monthly payments hundreds instead of thousands of dollars. The loan is forgiven in 20 years.
  6. its not the general climate at claremont, its the general climate for all mfa programs. do the research for yourself and you will see that student loan payments can be over a thousand dollars a month once you graduate, wether from claremont, yale, or wherever. your best chances, which are very slim, upon graduating are to be an adjunct professor and maybe sell a few paintings here and there. the only way an mfa program is financially beneficial is if you get it mostly funded or go to a cheap state school, like csulb.
  7. those paintings are really bad. but, a lot of an mfa program is about talking about your work, if these paintings are framed in a certain kind of language then they might be on to something, but whatever that something is, i don't personally care because at the end of the day, i am still looking at an ugly painting.
  8. they give around 7,000 to 10,000 dollars to 2nd year students, all 2nd year students get the same amount, it depends on how much money they have each year i think. this is a very small amount of money considering tuition is 20k a semester, being a ta pays $700 a semester which makes it not worth the time. mfa programs exist to make money, there is no promise or even an assumption that graduates of these kinds of programs will do anything after school that they did not do before school in terms of having a job. use an online student loan calculator to see how many years it takes to pay off a lo
  9. most cal state fullerton mfa students do NOT have studios or are part time students, this is insane. cal state long beach is one of the biggest art schools on the west coast and is comparable to cal state fullerton and you will probably get a studio. i go to claremont and i think it is amazing. the problem is that it is expensive and there is no funding. the government's income based program takes care of that, look up income based repayment or IBR online, because it sounds too good to be true and people don't believe me when i write about it in these forums. claremont has some of the best mfa
  10. Michael Darling, who was a curator at Seattle Art Museum and now a curator at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago..."UW MFA program is the #! thing holding back the Seattle art scene". What's wrong with art in Seattle? Our art schools, according to SAM's outgoing contemporary curator. by Jen Graves - Features - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper
  11. The financial situation is horrible at CGU, as it is with 95 percent of other MFA programs in the country. There is no funding. MFA seekers make it sound like the go to grad school for free and get tuition waivers for being TAs and stuff. This is rarely true. A few people at school like SAIC, RISD, etc. will get funding, these are private schools. Nobody in the state of california is getting funding because they are a TA. People on this forum make it sound like MFA candidate deserve half off tuition because they are a TA. Grad school at a private school is expensive and there are not many fund
  12. I lived in seattle for a few years. My wife did her bfa at UW. It is not an amazing school for art. The grad studios are shabby and far from campus. The MFA has a great reputation for ceramics and public art only. I recently read an article explaining that UW is the reason Seattle has a crappy art scene, i believe it.
  13. I am currently an MFA student at Claremont Graduate University. It is a great school. The studios are very large with 14 ft. ceilings, track lighting, and pristine walls. Your studio looks like a mini-gallery, which is great to see your work in a gallery context or if you are an installation artist. There is a large outdoor work area with plenty of room for sculptures as big as you can imagine. It is 75 degrees in Claremont this week so you can work outdoors most of the year. It is about an hour from LA which means the faculty and visiting lecturers are all practicing LA artists. Someone who g
  14. Someone I know has been accepted into MFA fibers at Long Beach and studio art MFA at Los Angeles. Does anyone have any info or an opinion about which school she should choose? They have the same ranking. I think the Long Beach Art School is one of the biggest in the country. She does sculptural/fiber work.
  15. My wife will be going to Cal State Long Beach and I will be going to Claremont. My wife does not drive and so we plan on living in or near Long Beach. What is it like commuting from Long Beach to Claremont? Is it doable? What are some good in between areas where we can live that she can access by public transit? Any other info about Long beach is helpful! thanks.
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