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  1. To the participants of the study of the positive effects of metal music on female fans: As promised, here are the results for the study: https://ecommons.usask.ca/bitstream/handle/10388/8451/KUHLMANN-THESIS-2018.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y I am sorry it took so many years. Thank you again for your participation.
  2. FEMALE METAL FANS NEEDED AS PARTICIPANTS FOR A STUDY ON THE POSITIVE EFFECTS OF METAL MUSIC As a graduate student in Educational Psychology and Special Education (University of Saskatchewan) I am interested in the positive effects of metal music on female metal fans. Under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Nicol (registered Psychologist) I invite you to participate in a study called “The perceived positive effects of metal music for female fans”. In order to participate, you must: a) identify as female be a metal fan c) be 18 or older d) believe metal music had positive effects on you e) have enough knowledge of English to provide detailed written answers If you meet these requirements and are interested in participating, then you are welcomed to fill out an anonymous (no tracking of IP address, and encryption of information will be added) online questionnaire that should take up to 30 minutes to 45 minutes. If interested, please follow this link for the survey: fluidsurveys.usask.ca/s/positive-effects-of-metal-music-on-female-fans/ For questions about the study please contact my supervisor Dr. Jennifer Nicol (Registered Psychologist) by email: jennifer.nicol@usask.ca or by phone: 1-306-966-5261 Thank you for your time and participation. Anna Noura Kuhlmann M.Ed Candidate School and Counselling Psychology University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada This study has been reviewed by, and received approval through, the Research Ethics Office, University of Saskatchewan.
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