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  1. Hi, Admission Decisions!! Aim: To work in the field of international development with global agencies Current Location: India Schools admitted to: SIPA MPA-DP, USC Price MPP, NYU MPA in PNP & LSE MPA Funding: Half Tuition Scholarship from USC Price Need to make the right decision at the earliest in terms of the following parameters: Future Job Market Prospects, Financial Burden, Overall Brand Name Any advice would be really appreciated!
  2. Hi, I'm really in a dilemma here. I want to start my SoP with an anecdote as it really shows the motivation behind my decision to apply for the grad school. Its not a cliche or funny anecdote. But some of my proof readers are wary about it. Would it be alright to go on with an anecdote rather than start it with a cliched opening like Economics has changed the way I see the society, etc. The program under consideration is Master in Public Administration. I would really appreciate the help! Thanks.
  3. Hi, First of all thank you to everyone who contributed to this conversation. I want a MPA degree with concentrations like economic development and public policy. I would want to pursue a career with UN and/or World Bank. I'm really confused about which schools to apply to! Yes, I want a big name but they might not have high acceptance rates. I would like to come back to India if I don't get a job in States! So please suggest me top 5-6 schools which fare well in terms of: 1. Financial Aid (the most important one, I would say) 2. Concentrations like economic development and public policy 3. Job market scenario post the degree completion Applications for Fall 2016. Any leads in this regard would be really appreciated
  4. Thanks for the link but are these rankings reliable? Coz I read on this forum only that there are some schools far much better than Maxwell..
  5. Hello from India. I want to apply for MPA in States for fall 2016. Can anyone guide me through the best colleges to apply in US from an international student's perspective? Also, what are job prospects in US after MPA for an international student? I've completed my Masters in Economics in India and am currently employed with University of Delhi as an Assistant Professor (Economics) It would be great if someone could answer the queries!
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