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  1. And anyone goes to university of Chicago interview tomorrow?
  2. Got admitted to CMU CPCB. Is anyone going to attend the open house too?
  3. It seems tri-institutional is sending another round of rejection. Got hit.
  4. If they said open house I think it’s yes. Congratulations!
  5. It’s a great idea to put all news here. Thanks! No news: MIT-CSB Berkeley Tri-institutional UCSD UCLA Duke Rejected: Cornell (CB) UMich (PIBS) Columbia (biomedical informatics) Interview: UChicago (GGSB) I’m losing hope on getting interview other than UChicago given it’s Jan. 6 already. Is it safe to say that all universities had sent out onsite invitations? Have you guys heard any invitations emailed on Jan. in previous years?
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