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  1. I applied to Syracuse, Pitt & Simmons, in that order. Chose them because they were well ranked, in the NE & didn't require the GRE (as a recent grad & my GPA well over a 3.0). I was accepted to all 3. Didn't receive merit scholarships at Simmons. I was selected for 2 separate scholarships at Syracuse, both covering 50% tuition & 20 work hours as a graduate assistant. I was selected for 4 different scholarships at Pitt but am interviewing for a fellowship in the next few days as well. Money isn't everything and I have yet to visit, but if all goes well & nothing is alarmingl
  2. I'll be a senior musical theatre major this fall. I've been doing some reading & fallen in love w/ the idea of dramaturgy- especailly since I already work at a library as a research assistant. My goal is to actually be employed as a dramaturg (well, assistant/intern somewhere, that's not a position you get right after graduation, I'm sure) and be able to audition/take masterclasses when I can and also rub elbows with people in the theatre on a regional level, maybe even continue to train as an actor and have them see me as a useful dramaturg and employable actor. Because I love writing (n
  3. Is grad school a wise move? If so, for what??

    1. iphi


      Depends on your end goal!

    2. MidwesternAloha


      Depends on the career you're seeking, the benefit of the education you'd obtain and the cost (time and money) to complete it.

    3. thatoneguyoverthere


      considering so many people have flooded the job market....I would say be completely on top of your game or else you could be one of thousands searching for work

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