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  1. I think I got an academic excellence score of 12 last year when I was rejected. I had a long list of scholarships but only 1 publication. I think in the PhD level competition the publications are weighted more heavily than scholarships.
  2. Holy shit, your qualifications are really good. I got a CGS-D (Plant and Animal Science) with 2 papers submitted (both first author, small journal), 2 papers published (one first author, big journal, one third author, small journal). First year phd. However I really tried to buff up my leadership portion because I knew that this wouldn't be super competitive with other Ph. D. students in Biology. I do know that they are supposed to apply a weight based on how long you have been in graduate studies, so I wonder if that makes a difference? I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "8 years of experience in Canada" but it's possible that stressing that point made them grade you harder.
  3. I still haven't received my letter! I was accepted with a CGS-D. Anyone else waiting for a physical letter?
  4. Yeah, that makes sense.
  5. Got the email about two hours ago, 5:30 eastern!
  6. CGSD3 awarded from a NS university, Biology, Applied via university, Last name "M" in case they are going alphabetically!
  7. Here's hoping The waiting is driving me nuts
  8. Good point, I think different people have estimated "17 weeks" differently, but most unis websites say that results come out late march. I think the CGS-M results come out later in April which is a point of confusion
  9. Anyone remember what happened last year? I checked the email I use for NSERC and last year I didn't even get an email - it just came in the mail (rejected). Still no word. Anyone?
  10. My friend applied to a Geology program at Berkeley which required the GRE to be taken. She still hasn't taken it and is starting at Berkeley next Fall. I think some schools can be lax with the GRE scores if your advisor likes you and wants you. I would book the next available test and let the shchool you are applying to know that you have done so.
  11. I was thinking of applying to a lab in Yale's EEB program, messaged the professor and got a very positive response. However, I did not see anything on their website about guaranteed funding. I can't afford to pay ~$40,000 US for a Masters or PhD, and expect to be able to live off of my funding/stipend. Does anyone know how Yale funds its biology graduate students? Personal experience? Thanks!
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