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  1. Did anyone apply to Georgia Tech? I applied using the pre-application and haven't heard anything yet from the school or on GradCafe...
  2. No call or email ?...kinda expected. I will give it another hour or two before I pull the plug on all hope. But overall, congrats! That is great!
  3. I applied to Berkeley Biophysics. I contacted their admissions administrator last week and they said they were trying to get interview invites out by the 21st. So it could be anytime today or tomorrow. Nonetheless, I am very skeptical that I have a shot getting in. Especially coming from a nontraditional undergraduate background haha.
  4. Welp, I am going to assume that is a rejection for me. I emailed the coordinator so let's see if they sent all the invites at once.
  5. Did anyone hear from WashU/WUSTL from the Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Structural Biology division? I only saw an interview offer to an international student so far...
  6. Hey! Quick question, on your ApplyWeb does your application status still say "Ready for Review" still or did it change? I am curious whether "Ready for Review" means that my application has not been opened yet. I am a little nervous as I have applied to the BBSB track and haven't heard anything yet! Only one international student got an interview so far in the results section.
  7. In Applyweb, my application states that it is "Ready for Review." My question is does this mean that my application has not been opened yet? I was thinking that once someone has opened up my application it would go to "Under Review." I wanted to check because two people got an interview invite at the program I applied to and the suspense of knowing whether I got eliminated or not is killing me! ? Thanks!
  8. Has anyone heard from WUSTL DBBS in the Biochemistry and Biophysics division? I saw one interview was sent out on the 11th but haven't seen anything else since...
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