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  1. @rising_star if it were you, would you accept WUSTL if their offer was subject to change in my second year, like NYU's offer? WUSTL's tuition for a year is $52400, which is actually more expensive than NYU even without funding.... This decision-making really is driving me crazy.
  2. @rising_star I actually only found out yesterday that my full tuition remission only applied to first year, since they didn't really specify the conditions in a direct way, unlike NYU. I only found out after I looked at the tuition page out of curiosity yesterday. I should have looked into it sooner...;( I did email them, but I haven't received any reply yet.
  3. Hi I'm an international student and I recently got into a master's program for NYU and WUSTL. I know at a first glance NYU seems much more superior, but I have a few issues that bugs me. One is obviously the money. WUSTL offered a full tuition remission for one year ( not sure about my 2nd year, they didn't say anything in the letter about extending the offer to my second year) NYU offered about 20k off from tuition for one year. They did say this offer is contingent in my second year, so I need to hold a good academic standing in my first
  4. HI everyone, I got accepted at Chapman and UT Austin for Film Studies MA, but I'm still not so sure where I should go Both are no funding, as far as I know(I'm an international student) and there's scarce info on film studies I could find on the internet, Does anyone know well about these schools, about the atmosphere, how people think of these schools etc? I would appreciate any kind of info!
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