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  1. I find it really annoying that certain schools that I applied to and was accepted into (UWisconsin, UWashington, UT Austin) sold my e-mail address and mailing address to housing companies because I now get tons of junk mail. Has anyone else had something like this happen?
  2. From what I've heard, they have never gone to the waitlist before so it is unlikely that they will this year
  3. The floor plans don't have dimensions (though it is possible to estimate based on bed size, etc). How does health insurance work at Stanford?
  4. Georgia tech has an increasingly strong reputation in theory (maybe ranked #6 after MIT,Berkeley,CMU,Cornell and Princeton?) and UT Austin is also very good. I really don't think you would be in a bad position if you did a PhD at one of those schools. I think it would be difficult to find a funded masters for theory because there is usually little money in it. Also, schools often have lower acceptance rates for students with masters degrees than students with bachelor degrees.
  5. I accepted Stanford's offer today. Questions about housing: - Is munger mostly law students or is it mixed (I'm CS)? How social is it? - Are 4 bedroom places significantly bigger than 2 bedroom per person? - I was told Lyman was good, are you sure that it is quiet there?
  6. Is it to staff or a specfic professor? If it is to staff, you can probably just write a reasonably direct message notifying them of the change. If it is to a professor, you probably want to provide more explanation. A phone call might be better.
  7. I'm not sure I would say that this is exactly ethically horrible. You aren't taking away a spot of another student. Many programs don't have waitlists and the ones that do often don't use them much. Plus, it is your spot. It is also relatively frequent for these situations to occur, at least in engineering fields. So just do what you need to do. Also, this will just increase the number of students next year. It isn't reallly possible to deny a student a spot since they will just let more in in the future.
  8. What about this? http://www.notionink.in/adamfeature.php
  9. Unless you are meeting very infrequently, it is usually better to wait IMO
  10. Assuming 1 year program, isn't option 2 obviously the best choice?
  11. Yeah, I had a similar experience undergrad where the desk + chair provided were backkillers. It would have been difficult to replace it since I would need to keep the old stuff somewhere (pay for public storage maybe?).
  12. zonko

    NDSEG 2010

    I think that in the past 25% of NDSEG went to NSF winners. So 150 fellowships for non-NSF winners.
  13. U. Maryland, College Park is one of the best computer vision schools (its group is huge) Other schools that are good in general (I don't know about vision): - Waterloo - UBC - Toronto - EPFL
  14. Not for percentages, though. I'd assume that they will post those soon
  15. zonko

    NDSEG 2010

    Did it not let him/her upload it, though? My recommender was able to upload (but it might not have notified him that it was too late)
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