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  1. most people who really question the value of what I do usually work in really shitty corporate jobs that slowly destroy their souls day by day. I usually say that I do what I love and get paid well for it (stipends in Australia are tax free, so it ends up being super decent). They tend to get quiet after that.
  2. Waitlisted at JHU, it's the only place I'd heard back from in any way, and I've heard from everywhere else. Pretty close to taking myself off the waitlist though, I've got another prospect that will likely be better for me and my family in the long run. If I do, it'll prob be at the end of week after next (need to have a meeting about my PhD proposal first).
  3. Don't suppose you were also told when offers might be coming out??
  4. About 5 hours ago. I hope there's still a chance for you!
  5. I got waitlisted at Johns Hopkins. Would looove to go there, and it's the only place I've heard anything positive from. If someone has an offer they're not taking, please please please let them know soon <3
  6. I saw one lone Johns Hopkins acceptance, can anyone claim that?
  7. Sorry to hear - don't suppose they'd have told you when they intend on releasing their offers?
  8. I do - my motivation was the thing with McGill that happened last year, and I figured that if something similar happened I'd need to have more info to calm my mind. It didn't help, mostly because my academia account is pretty dead - the few new things I can put on it I'm not allowed to for a little while longer.. Overall, I don't think they're worth it. I intend to cancel my subscription as soon as I get the last rejection
  9. McGill visited me last year. McGill rejected me last year
  10. The publishing process is more fun, I reckon. At least you (usually) get told why you didn't get in
  11. Cool - thanks for the info! I guess that confirms it's a no from them for me ;(
  12. Australia is the most likely choice. Lots of us applying to US grad programs.
  13. Yale and Toronto are both expected this week. Would be nice if they were a bit early.....
  14. Not expecting to hear from anywhere until the weekend next week. That said, UGHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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