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  1. Hello, I would like some input on my chances for Stanford's mscs program (honors co-op). GRE: 167Q, 164V. 5.0W (low-mid nintieth percentile). Overall UGrad GPA: 3.8, degree in Math and Economics at UPenn. Lots of coursework in math and statistics. Took several master's level math classes instead of the undergrad versions. I don't have any publications, but was a research assistant for my Statistics professor for one semester. My background is predominantly pre-professional. I currently work as a trader at a large propriety trading firm. I didn't realize just how useful a computer science background could be in this industry, which is why I am applying now. My interests are in building tools to augment my trading skills. Further down the line I would like to work as a developer in order to systematize my trading strategies. Something worth mentioning: I only took one computer science class in college, got a B. I was taking a pretty big course load that semester, and my job-hunt held a higher priority in my schedule. Another thing worth mentioning: took our advanced calculus class that very semester, ended up having to withdraw. It's the only W on my transcript, but I took the same class the following semester and aced it. I appreciate your thoughts, thanks.
  2. bump. I understand that these kinds of posts can be irritating, but I would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have been highly considering grad school, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to assess my chances for ANY statistics program (MS or PhD, prestigious or not). To tell you about myself: cumulative GPA 3.85, Ivy League GRE: (94%) 167Q, (94%) 164V (AWA pending). Should I retake? I took it this week with minimal preparation. Also, I took it a few hours after my advanced microeconomics theory midterm.. In retrospect that was idiotic and is something I should have foreseen, but it costs $50 to reschedule. Mathematical Economics Major: math coursework: graduate level Linear Algebra, 2 semesters of grad level analysis, 3 semesters of calculus, optimization (no complex analysis or ODE/PDE). statistics coursework: probability, stochastic processes, inference (total of 5 different classes by graduation) all other classes are finance/economics classes (with a few gen. eds. sprinkled in between). Knowledge of Matlab, R, Python, C++, Java extracurriculars (not sure how relevant this is): competitive violin (national level), weightlifting, competitive RTS, president of a student run 501c3 nonprofit organization for 2 yrs (~$50k revenues per annum to give idea of size). No research experience, all of my summers were spent on finance internships, namely trading and investment banking. (hence MS consideration). What are programs I should apply to where I will have a realistic chance? I get the distinct feeling that I am absolutely not competitive for any good PhD program simply because my resume is filled with industry experience (and no research experience). I've heard this is a turn off. Also, if I do go forward with an MS, and do research with professors at that university, will my chances of being admitted into that university's PhD program be improved as opposed to applying straight out of undergrad? This is probably different depending on the university, but please speak from your experiences personally, where you, or someone you know, has done this. I know stats is really competitive, so I would like to hear some informed opinions to see whether applications are even worth submitting. Thank you.
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