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  1. Nope. HEFCE Oxford Graduate Scholarship.
  2. My scholarship definitely came later, like a couple months later. That sad, I'd assume each funding body (I.e. the Clarendon, HEFCE, college specific funds, department specific funds, etc) may have different dates. As for living costs, as I remember it my funding was about 13k for living expenses, and I lived in some of pricier St Ant's accommodations (Founder's) for 10 months (technically I was in another building for the summer though). On the day I left and closed my bank account, I had exactly 82p left in there, which means I spent pretty much 1300 pm. But I did buy a laptop with tha
  3. I went to St Antony's and I had an absolute blast. It was a fantastic college that only accepts grads from social science (and a few humanities, maybe) programs, so you're amongst like minded people. The one downside is that as a newer college, it doesn't have the endowment some of the others have and is short on cash for many things. I have to say I'm not sure how common funding is for non UK/EU citizens since I am an EU citizen. Based on official stats, roughly 1/5th of incoming graduate students are offered some sort of funding, but I don't know what the distribution is based on countr
  4. What college did you get into? I did an MSc at Ox in 2014-15 and didn't get funded until June.
  5. Did not receive the scholarship, but my reviews were fairly encouraging, and were specific on what I can improve. I will definitely apply again next year, and I'll actually be enrolled in a program and can get help from professors then. The odds are astronomically low anyway. And congrats Alma! That's amazing!
  6. That makes sense. I've asked not to be considered for MAPSS (I already have a masters, so I really don't need another one if not attached to a PhD) and I've received a formal rejection.
  7. Santa Cruz is doing a visiting day in a couple weeks, travel costs reimbursement, food paid for and current student hosts or paid for hotel (TBD). Davis has no formal recruitment weekend but a few students are going there and they'll have us hosted by current students. I'll be taking the Amtrak from one to the next, not sure if I'll be able to get that reimbursed.
  8. I almost mentioned the Boulder one. There's a whole Critical Media Practice PhD with Stephanie Spray and many others, including Christian Hammonds who's got a half appointment Comm/half Anthro. And Shannon Mattern is at the New School. More media than visual anthro, but she's at the top of the game.
  9. Duke has the Center for Documentary Studies, and Ralph Litzinger works on media UC Davis also has Tarek Elhaik Chicago - Julie Chu (another NYU alum) Berkeley - Karen Nakamura U Washington used to have Danny Hoffman, who's now based in the African Studies department there And this has been very US-focused but Sarah Pink is at Monash in Australia Also Davis did accept funded students for 2020, in case anyone was wondering.
  10. Never mind my rejection just came through
  11. Has anyone else NOT heard anything from Yale? I never got interviewed but I also didn't get rejected, and it seems a bunch of rejections went out last week.
  12. I can't speak to UofT specifically, but I've found that it's relatively common. The department decides who to admit, and sends their list up to the Graduate School, who then issues the formal offers. But that can take a few weeks and POIs or Dept. directors/adcomms often send an email to informally inform you they've accepted you and possibly invite you to the admitted students' day/weekend.
  13. I just got an actual Valentine's day rejection lol that's cold (Duke)
  14. Thanks, I'm gonna write that one off then. Congrats!
  15. There are a few results suggesting they held interviews on the 29th/31st. To be honest I applied because I felt like I had to but I didn't really want to go there. It's a scary place.
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