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  1. Update: They have only determined and passed eligible application as of now onto the departments.
  2. Hi, has anyone heard back from the Aalto school of art and design regarding interviews yet? For the master's program? I'd like to believe all departments have their own pace of doing it. 😕
  3. Hi! Just found out about this forum. Is anyone else applying to any of the following universities: - Konstfack, Stockholm, SE - Politecnico di Milano, Milan, IT - Aalto University, Espoo, FI - KADK, Copenhagen, DK - DAE, Eindhoven, NL for their art/design programs this year? I am curious about their response time if the first stage of application has been cleared. Thanks heaps! :) And best of luck to you all!
  4. I am have applied for MA International History at IHEID. It sounded like an interesting course, and I'd give it a go if I got it, but I was curious whether or not it's been applied to in great numbers. In other words, has anyone applied to the same?
  5. Hey! I was wondering if anybody knows whether or not Oxford will accept LoRs by teacher who do not have institutional ID? I have the LoR on official letterhead of the college, and I sent in my inquiry to Oxford but they haven't gotten back to me. If anybody has any idea, please let me know.
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