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  1. I guess it's on cultural evolution- basically I review some studies on cross-cultural differences in learning and norm transmission, and talk about maintenance of cultural variation
  2. Would still greatly appreciate another set of eyes if anyone else is willing (phyanth pointed out it was more of a cultural anthropology paper). I'd be happy to read anything in return if anyone still has deadlines approaching
  3. So one of my PhD applications requires 2x2000 words for a writing sample. I'm planning to submit a short essay (~1600 words) I wrote for an MSc class for one, but we won't get feedback or grades until the middle of January, which is when this application is due, and I don't currently have anyone to ask to review it. I hadn't officially studied anthropology before starting the program I'm currently in, and I'm a little worried that my arguments will sound simplistic, or stupid, or both. So if anyone is bored enough to want to read it, please let me know Thanks!
  4. Not sure if you're still checking this thread, and I don't have anything particularly helpful to contribute about getting a job, apart from getting involved in a lab as an RA (I haven't been too successful in this regard myself), but I would suggest this website if you haven't seen it: https://evolution-institute.org I would take some of the stuff they write (some of their more ambitious policy ideas) with a grain of salt, but reading the articles and looking through the contributors could help you find people whose research you might be interested, and give you some more ideas about what you can do
  5. Yeah, it's definitely about me. I spoke with him later and he said my SOP seemed too "matter of fact" so he was trying to add in more a personal motivation (hence statements about me basically wanting to save all of humanity). The hyperbole didn't really bother me as much as a portion where he wrote down, as a quote, something I'd supposedly said to him that didn't sound like anything a human being would ever say in a conversation But I did try not to edit it too much- as you said, I didn't want it to sound like my SOPs- so I just took out the parts that were inaccurate or confusing, added in a bit about my work in the class, and sent it back, and he said afterwards "my edits were good". And of course I thanked him for taking the time. I'm from the US (not sure if that's what you meant) but I am applying to UK programs so I'm technically international there And you're right, he's not a native English speaker, but he did tell me he's written lots of letters for his students before that have been successful Thanks for the responses though. I can't wait until this is all over
  6. So one of my letter writers sent me the letter to look over, and...I'm not really sure where to start, but about 90% of it is made up and the rest just doesn't really make sense. He barely talked about my work in the class I took with him, put in a lot of inaccurate details, some of which are fairly obvious (ie saying I took three classes with him when it was only one), and describes conversations that we definitely never had, and not in a believable way. The ways he described my personal attributes and goals are also really hyperbolic and cliched in a way that's fairly eyebrow-raising, or just unrelated to the programs I'm applying to He basically told me to edit anything I wanted, so I'm doing my best. And while I appreciate him doing what I assume he believed would help with my application, I can't help feeling disappointed- I got the impression from our (actual) conversations that he thought I was an intelligent person from my writing and performance in class, and I have no idea what that was based on now. I was also counting on this to be one of two really good letters (out of three), and now I sort of have to write it myself, which I don't think I'll be very good at. Any advice is appreciated-I know there are some other threads about writing your own letter- but mostly just needed to vent
  7. Just hoping for an extra set of eyes before I send my current draft to my professor/letter writer- I'm a bit nervous about his reading it and don't want to embarrass myself too much. I'm technically applying to anthropology but a lot of my interests are social psychology related. If anyone has a few extra minutes to spare I would really appreciate it, and would be happy to read anyone's as well
  8. If you don't mind someone with absolutely no knowledge of biomedical engineering, feel free to PM me for an exchange
  9. viveke

    SOP exchange?

    I would really appreciate anyone's help (if you've taken 2 anthropology classes that's more than I have), so please respond or PM me if you have the time. Thank you!
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in exchanging SOPs? I had posted in the SOP/personal history forum but was hoping someone with an anthropology background would be able to take a look at mine since I'm coming from a polsci undergrad (I'm applying to evolutionary and cognitive anthropology Master's programs). I'd be happy to look at anyone's as well. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone wanted to exchange/review each other's SOPs? I'm applying to Master's programs in political science and cognitive anthropology (weird, I know) but would be fine with reading any type. Just reply or PM me
  12. Hi, I'd be willing to exchange with you if you still need help (I'm applying for cognitive anthropology). PM me if you like
  13. Hi! sorry for crashing, but I'm doing anthropology as well as polsci if anyone's interested in exchanging
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