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  1. Ross is pretty good. One of my best friends is a Ph.D. student there. She's pretty awesome, but also told me "If you cry every day in grad school, don't worry because that's normal." And now I'm a bit scared, but I think that also just might be her. I'll probably still cry sometimes, but not like every day. xD I like warm places, but it's not a huge priority for me. I almost like bad weather because it makes me stay inside and be productive. I super love rain, though.
  2. I'm going into their logic program! I applied because they're one of the best for that, and the department is a super good fit. I'm from Michigan, so the winter doesn't scare me. I loved Pittsburgh! It has a lot of charm, and seems like a fun place to be.
  3. On my visit they took me to the Porch? It was pretty good. I'm going to be living on North Craig? Pretty excited.
  4. There's a Goodnotes app that lets you write directly on your pdfs. It's less bulky than a textbook, and you can bookmark things easily. That being said, I used this for about a semester before going back to textbooks. (Still in undergrad though.)
  5. Yay! For some reason this didn't give me a notification when you replied. Ah well. Have you been to visit yet? Such a pretty city! I should have included University of Pittsburgh in the title, since we're so close. Oops! Sorry.
  6. Oh good! I'm applying for a couple, but also have asked my new department if I can TA and grade at the same time, which means I only need to come up with 4k + living expenses for the entire program. Which isn't bad at all.
  7. So, are we still waiting? Because I'm not waiting anymore. I committed. O.o I'm going to Carnegie Mellon! Yay! However, most awkward thing ever happened. I was walking through my current school's philosophy department, and a random prof introduced himself and I was like "Hi! I'm Elizabeth!" And he was like "Neat! Are you a prospective?" And I was like "Oh. Uh. Nope." And walked away. Apparently the visit is occurring now. Which explains why my adviser was in his office when I dropped in to give him an update.
  8. Hello! I will be moving to Pittsburgh and starting at CMU this fall. SO EXCITED.
  9. I saw an article yesterday where these plus sized girls did the measuring and ordering recommended sizes from online retailers to see how they would fit irl compared to how they fit the model. At one point this girl tried on a floral top and her comment was "It's like someone hosted a garden party, but forgot to invite my self esteem." I feel like this frequently when I go shopping. Congratulations @AlbeeW! Is there a program you're leaning towards? @hippyscientist my mom recently did an oil slick hair on a client.
  10. It's become my MO. I'm a little sad that I didn't realize that I can't wear red with pink hair without looking like Valentine's Day threw up on me. T_T
  11. Going to visit Carnegie Mellon tomorrow. Eep! Still not sure what to wear, but it will probably involve a lot of navy, since that's one of like 3 colors that doesn't clash terribly with my hair, which is still surprisingly pink.
  12. How was it? One of my friends visited last week and she said she loved it. I'm pretty excited.
  13. Ooops. Maybe more background? Propositional logic is some variables (you can use x,y,z. But I'm going to use a0,a1,a2. . . for reasons that will be clear later.) And also some symbols. We have and (^), or (v), if/then (->), if and only if (<->) and not (~). You can give what's called a recursive definition of propositional logic that goes like this: We will call a bunch of variables and symbols a well-formed formula (WFF, pronounced like the song a dog makes Woof) if it meets the following criteria: 1. Any variable an where n is a natural number (0, 1, 2, 3, . . . ) is a WFF
  14. Oooh. That does sound frustrating! Have you visited CMU yet? I'm going to visit Thursday! Eeeeeeee. Super excited. Before then I have SO MUCH TO DO though. (So naturally I'm here telling y'all about it instead of doing it.) I have two essays due tomorrow and two math problem sets due Wednesday. T_T I'm taking an independent study on math logic stuff, and on Friday he asked if there was a way to make an algorithm that will print every string of well formed formulas, and/or one to print every tautology and I was like "Pshhhh no? They go to infinity so quickly. You would have A or A. And you
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