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  1. Boulder's welcome weekend was incredible...I can't imagine being anywhere else. Will def. be telling UNC Chapel Hill "thanks for your time, but..."
  2. $$$$$$$$$$ & Location Last spring, my advisor asked me where I wanted to go, and I said--without a doubt--the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Then, I learned that there were actually programs that gave great stipends. UPenn was on that list because of money and location (as was Northwestern--30K per year plus 1500 for conferences...and living in Chicago...sure, I'll do whatever you want me to do lol).
  3. Do you know what their logic is as to why they don't accept more of their own students?
  4. I agree w/ cannedheat insofar as its probably not the most exciting thing to receive an email. However, you paid them and they rejected you. It's not like you have anything to lose if they say "nope, we ain't doing it!"
  5. Didn't you go do their MA program? What is their turnover rate from MA to PHD (like, how many of their own studies do they re-accept)?
  6. lol no. They rejected my ass! And with that, this grad school season is #complete. Accepted - UNC Chapel Hill, Boulder, Utah, and USC Annenberg Rejected - Northwestern, NYU, UPenn Annenberg. Really, the only program that shocked me was Northwestern. I'm grateful that it worked out for me and my partner, though. Our acceptances overlapped at Utah, Boulder, and UNC. A few months ago, I was praying for one school...and I received three to choose from. #blessed #blessedAtheist.
  7. I know. Heartbreaking. I was trolled and y'all were caught in the crossfire.
  8. Tomorrow or Tuesday, UPenn will come through and break some/all of our hearts. Should we share wine suggestions? :-) (tbh...my heart won't be broken...I'm just hella competitive and hate losing).
  9. I moved across country to Syracuse without visiting. In a way, I'm grateful about that decision, because I absolutely hate Syracuse, New York. Had I visited, I would have been tempted to turn it down, and that wouldn't have been a good idea for my professional development. If UMICH is the best for you, put a smile on your face and learn to love (or hate tweet) Ann Arbor! Also, don't feel pressured into turning one down just yet. It's only February. They made you wait. You can make them wait. You paid for it with your fee!
  10. I should clarify that I know it's a hoax. I know the person who posted and she was duly scolded.
  11. I'm pretty sure they do interviews...or at least have done them in the past. As for that result, I doubt that was real. It seemed fishy.
  12. I'm 99.9% confident that NYU AMST puts a gag order on interviewees.
  13. Oh lord, your thesis process sounds way more official than mine. I'm a rhetorician, and so my critical lens just amounts to 100+ pages of me ranting lol.
  14. How many of y'all have already written/defended your MA thesis? How did it go? I'm in the process of writing mine (passed the 100 page mark, thank god...). Starting to get nervous about how it all unfolds, especially since I have plans to be elsewhere next year! Can't have anyone failing me!!
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