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  1. Is there a thread in this forum where people can compare stipend offers from different programs? Or - if you're up to it - do you just comb through threads to get a sense of what they usually offer? The stipend versus living wages scale would be a major concern for me since I'm getting married soon, and will have to support a family. I've tried PHDStipends dot com but they don't always have information for film/media studies for every university and I also don't know how reliable the figures for previous years are now post-covid. Oh, also I haven't applied this cycle and will be applying
  2. Hi everyone I too am joining this fall. I'm an international student, so getting everything in order - though there's some problem generating my orientation schedule. But I've found accommodation, flight tickets are booked, and I'm really excited about coming to Bloomington and discovering it.
  3. Anyone already at Indiana Bloomington - or expecting to go there in the fall?
  4. Thanks @GreenEyedTrombonist Congrats on Temple and Boston!
  5. Has anyone applied to Missouri? What is the reputation of their department and what are their strengths? Also, by when are Oregon expected to reply for their master's program? Any likelihood at all of some funding for the master's?
  6. Hi. Would you mind sharing (either publicly or via PM) the list of grad programs that have a greater likelihood of leading to prestigious jobs? There seems to be no such information on Gradcafe and not all websites list what their recent graduates are currently doing. 

  7. The part before this was specific to Skype interviews. This is the general part. From @GreenEyedTrombonist: "I'll also keep pertinent materials near. For a job interview, that includes the job notice, my resume, and the cover letter I submitted. For a school interview, I like to read some material from the interviewing professor beforehand and have a list of potential questions on hand so I have a reference. You can also review your previous research to make sure you can talk specifics of your contributions. Then I'd make some notes about what I talked about in my SoP regarding my
  8. @GreenEyedTrombonist is a good person to ask. She helped me with the same question but not sure if I should paste an inbox message.
  9. I was comparing these two universities generally on a site called startclass, and then stumbled across this criterion: Crime Statistics. Can someone make some sense of this disparity - why does the number of reported crimes at UNC Chapel hill seem to be almost double that of Mizzou? Does it have to do with the crime rate in these states in general, or does it have to do with the size and culture of these particular universities? I haven't yet compared any other universities on this criterion. Could these stats be flawed - if so how?
  10. Hi.. I've been in a big city for the last few years and honestly find that I perform better in a quieter environment with less people. Could you suggest grad departments in some of the smaller unis in small towns or away from the city? I'm looking for grad programs in media and communication studies that are more intimate where the pace of life is slow and there's more scope for interaction among the people in the department.
  11. Hi So this url http://www.phds.org/rankings/communication-research just won't open for me. Is this a problem others too are having? I looked it up on archive.org but only one page was visible. If it's working for somebody would you be so kind as to share screenshots. I'm quite surprised by this glitch though!
  12. @GreenEyedTrombonist Thank you. The NCA list definitely seems like a good resource. The reason I want to do an MA/MS first is because I am not sure about pursuing a PhD. So very specifically demarcated areas of research may/may not be required of me. But will get in touch with faculty whose area of research are similar to my own interests. That might be the best and only way to go about it.
  13. Hi everyone! I don't have a good GPA (I don't yet know what it's equivalent to on the 4-point scale though) but my GRE scores seem to be okay. Could you suggest grad schools that would consider such applicants seriously? I'd like to get into a good graduate program in communication and media studies research - my interests are: in the public discourse on climate change and how opinions are shaped by the media among other actors. (Another totally tangential option is to go into a documentary arts research program, given my work experience. I know of at least one good optio
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