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  1. I heard back from Western today and unfortunately I was not accepted into the MA counselling psychology program . Good luck to everyone else who applied to the program and I am sure you will all hear back soon from Western about your application status.
  2. Not yet! Still waiting to hear anything from Western. I am not sure if they have contacted anyone yet with acceptances. Have you heard anything?
  3. No, I haven't heard anything from the program since the interview! The waiting is the hardest part but hopefully we hear back soon!
  4. I felt that the interview went well! I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and found the whole interview was like a casual conversation. However, I am sure all applicants who were interviewed were all equally accomplished and do not know what to expect in terms of being accepted/rejected. What about you? How did you find the interview?
  5. Has anyone who had an interview with Western Counselling Psychology MA hear back yet?
  6. Has anyone heard from the OISE (M.Ed) Counselling Psychology Program? Someone posted on the results page that their status changed to invited today but I still haven't heard anything from the program.
  7. Anyone else hear back from canadian counselling psychology programs?
  8. I had a interview with the University of Calgary for the MSc counselling psychology program and was told that acceptances will be made soon. I also got an interview for the MA counselling psychology programs at Western in early March. I haven't heard anything from OISE (MEd program).
  9. @lifeuptimize: All information about the program can be found on the OISE website http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/aphd/Prospective_Students/Programs/Counselling_Psychology/ Has anyone heard anything from the MSc Counselling Psychology at the University of Calgary?
  10. Hello, Just wanted to connect with anyone else who has applied to Counselling Psychology programs in Canada! If so, what schools did you apply to?
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