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  1. smcgill5

    Quee's MIR (Master of Industrial Relations)

    Congrats!!! Too bad about the funding though. At least the program is only 10 months!
  2. smcgill5

    Quee's MIR (Master of Industrial Relations)

    Hey so I spoke at length about the importance of internships with some of my profs. I'm pretty worried since I have zero work experience but they said if you get a masters, it kind of makes up for not having any. Also, there are tons of entry-level HR jobs and once you get a little work-experience, you should be able to climb up the ladder fairly quickly with a masters. They also recommended maybe looking for jobs more in government (labour policy) or the labour movement (unions) because they tend to be much higher paid, better benefits, and they're always look for new graduates to make their workforce more "fresh." There's a lot of old, white males so they want to diversify with people with new ideas. I don't think you can really go wrong with either UofT or Queen's - I've heard they have very good funding options for both and it's quite easy to apply for financial aid right through the school. I think the main difference between UofT and Queen's is the variety of classes. UofT has a lot more electives to chose from, and when I spoke with a student there they told me the administration is pretty flexible and lets you take classes from other areas such as political science, sociology, etc. However, at Queen's you get the skills seminars which may teach more applicable skills for IR/HR. So really there's a lot to consider for both.
  3. smcgill5

    Quee's MIR (Master of Industrial Relations)

    Oh, also I've heard that many companies come to queens to recruit at grad fairs but they don't do that at UofT.
  4. smcgill5

    Quee's MIR (Master of Industrial Relations)

    I'm graduating from McGill with a BA in Industrial Relations, CGPA 3.8, various extracurriculars on the student body, but absolutely zero work experience. I've also heard the UofT program is slightly more competitive, but the professors I've spoken to in my program at McGill highly recommend Queens (maybe even more over UofT). They say it's more of a practical program.
  5. smcgill5

    Quee's MIR (Master of Industrial Relations)

    Hey I also applied to Queens back in early November. Still waiting to hear from them and U of T. Right now trying to decide if I will accept an offer from the LSE for MSc HR and International Employment Relations. Where else did you apply?
  6. Hey Davidfr, I just received acceptance to the LSE for MSc HR and International Employment Relations. My other option is the University of Toronto at 1/3 the cost (I'm a Canadian). How are you going to make the decision what school to choose? I've heard from some that often you need to know a lot about different laws in HR so it's not a good idea to study in a program outside the country you wish to practice in. Do you know anything about this?
  7. smcgill5

    LSE vs. Uni of Toronto

    Hey everyone, I'm a Canadian student who has recently been accepted to the LSE for a MSc in Human Resources. I've heard this is a quite prestigious university in Europe, but not so well known in North America. Am I crazy to pass up the this chance to go to the University of Toronto instead? LSE would cost me about $60,000 vs. U of T $30,000 (including living expenses). Also, as the UK has made getting work visas more difficult, I'm worried that I won't be able to stay in the UK to work after and my degree won't be as recognized when back in Canada. Anybody have any advice or experience?

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