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  1. That's all useful perspective and I can't say I disagree with it. The problem is when you are unemployed and have no resources you tend to actually have less time to study or train techniques. Particularly when you are dependent on other peoples schedules or income. Saving money is nearly impossible when your entire savings can be wiped out by something as minimal as a new prescription. My biggest hope about going to graduate school was that I would be able to afford to live in a larger area, buy new equipment, and so on with loans or other tuition assistance. There is no federal assistan
  2. Thanks, I downloaded Blender and SketchUp a while back. My computer doesn't load either of them particularly well and crashes if I try to do anything else while Blender is on. Yes, I am aware that these types of businesses are popping up all over the country. My point is they do not provide (or even sell) supplies, do pass it off as an actual class, do not pay the teacher, and for a while they didn't even pay rent for a building because they did in a public hall. It is basically a business where the person putting it together buys a cheap box of wine, some cheese, and crackers, and wal
  3. Thanks, for the encouragement from everyone, it means a lot. I have attempted posting pieces of my story to relevant forums for the last few years and people are not always so kind or thoughtful. I say this with the utmost sincerity, you guys have delivered by far the best responses. Even if I have not gotten a complete answer to my problems I at least know I am on the same page as far as what I should be looking at. To be fair, it is all about framing. People do not look at art as something someone put time into, they look at it as a picture they can get at Walmart for $5. If you poin
  4. Resources for me are limited in this regard. Like I said, I tried my best, I reached out to former professors and got a thumbs up and thumbs down on certain pieces. Same goes for my resume. However, I have no way of knowing or not if that was worthwhile advice. I purposefully picked the professors I knew were the best qualified but even then they are mostly teachers first and artists/designers second. As for my VR program helping me get in touch with someone.. I'll share a story about that. They have sent me to four different people over the years. The first told me flat out they could no
  5. Yeah, I used Lynda.com when I was at a community college an hour or so away from here. It was extremely helpful, and I asked my Vocational Rehabiliation Program about getting a subscription and a higher speed internet connection so I could stream the videos and load the software simultaneously. They have refused to that. As far as I can tell online resources will not work until I have funding from somewhere or am able to relocate (which of course costs money if you aren't accepted into a program with financial aid). As for a portfolio, I have a number of free online options that I have be
  6. Well, that is one way of going about things.. It has been a while since I looked into but I do not think there are any lawyers who would represent me. The closest city that might even have someone who specializes in something like that is probably 3-4 hours away in a neighboring state. If I wanted someone within my state, I would probably have to travel 16 hours by car. Which of course I do not have, which means bus tickets and other expenses I do not have, particularly to try and get less than $100 out of someone. That is not taking into consideration I live in a town where literally eve
  7. Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I have done most of the tutorials on codecademy and it has not helped with finding employment. They are not mutually the skills I am looking for, in fact I am primarily interested in learning about animation, 3D modeling, and human anatomy for my Illustration work. My community college does not have any classes involving any Adobe programs or coding, as I already mentioned all they have is drawing and painting classes and one photography class. In regards to the Adobe suite, primarily I am interested in brushing up on Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign wh
  8. Long time lurker, first time poster. The reason I am posting is because I keep trying to find answers but I have so many problems and hope perhaps someone else had a similar situation or knows of something I have not tried. I have a BFA with a concentration in Illustration and a minor in Graphic Design. When I was in undergrad every time I went to my adviser (who also happened to be the dean of the art department) about something I did not feel I was learning their stock answer was almost always "go to grad school." Me: "I need help with a website to showcase my portfolio and j
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