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  1. First, congratulations to all of the admits. I'd like to compile some details about your acceptances if you don't mind sharing. What were your areas of concentration/specializations? I'd like to see if there are any hot-ticket specializations. If you're feeling extra generous, let us know the institutions to which you were admitted. I think starting a living document might help others while they're applying. Thanks!
  2. @solomonski...hate to say I toldja so but... I'm so very excited for you! Welcome to Durham, neighbor!
  3. Hehehe. Take heart; at this point, the odds ARE (ever) in your favor! If you've made the cut--of that 3-5% offered an interview--you're more likely than not, to be in that 60% offered a hard-admit. "Don't stop believein'". You're like that one sperm that made it--both figuratively and actually. Ha. All the best.
  4. Hi All, According to a current Duke English PhD, the department may be trying to up its ranking by increasing its selectivity. He also mentioned that budget cuts may have had something to do w/ the decision to do interviews vs. hard admit/reject as w/ yesteryear. He said that the department may be responding to universal lack of tenure track positions for hum/Eng faculty. Lastly, he said that if he had applied this year, he doubts he'd have gotten an interview... oh, and that of the ones admitted last year, the majority were pre-19th cent concentrations. Of those offered interviews/e
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