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  1. Hi there, I'm a UK student applying for maths PhDs in the US and some applications require me to convert my degree classification into GPA. I'm averaging around 85% (which puts me in the 95th percentile at my university, roughly). According to the 'official' Fulbright page here, the lowest 1st class honours (70% average) works out at 3.67GPA. Interpolating this linearly would put my 85% average at around 3.84GPA. However, I've seen elsewhere that being anywhere above 95th percentile would put me at a 4.00GPA, which I'm under the impression is much better than 3.84. I know there is no accu
  2. I wasn't aware FedEx could do next business day international delivery for £50 - in that case I should be able to send something off on Tuesday to arrive on Thursday (the deadline) no problem. I will call them on Monday afternoon to check, thank you!
  3. Very frustrating! Find it a bit ridiculous they still require hard copies but whatever. I'll follow your advice and keep trying to get through to them, thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the response. I've tried calling but everything is shut due to Thanksgiving, and now it's the weekend so they'll be closed again. This means I won't be able to get in contact until Monday afternoon (UK time), by which point it will be impossible for them to receive the transcript on time. The other issue is that I don't actually have access to official hard copy transcripts! If I do end up mailing them something, it will be an unofficial one done by my maths dept, since my official one can only be accessed electronically (it's digitally signed etc.)
  5. Hi - I'm a UK student applying for the PhD program in maths at Stanford. On the math page here it states two hard copy transcripts must be sent by mail by 1st December. I did not realise this until today, since I followed the instructions on the graduate admissions page here which says you're allowed to send secure electronically-delivered transcripts instead - this is in fact the system my university uses; they do not do 'official' hard copy transcripts, as they are only validated electronically. I can't call Stanford as all offices are shut, and if I am to send the hard copies I must do so t
  6. I would like to take the upcoming Mathematics subject test, more so for practice than anything else. I am confident I could get a decent score, but not an excellent one. Will grad schools see this score even if I perform better at a later date, or do I only have to submit the best scores I get? I still have almost a year before I apply to grad schools, but I'd like to get things done early if possible.
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