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  1. Why do you want to do PhD if you maybe want to drop out? Ask yourself that question first. I don't think anyone thinking about dropping out before they even started should enter a PhD. However if you have good reasons for wanting a PhD but fear what life might bring in between (and lead to you ultimately quitting) then just go for it. Dropping out is not a big deal but entering with that in mind is. I entered with gap time (work and ma) bc I worried that I did not know enough about my specific research interest-- these change ALL the time. Unlike the previous posters, I do not thin
  2. What do you consider a peer institution in soc? Is it risky (and therefore rare) to transfer between peer institutions because it may jeopardize relationships? Do family reasons simply not cut it? Or, would depts give serious consideration if it is a strong application? Thank you so much for doing this!
  3. Lehigh, U Chicago MAPPS, NYU AQR, Columbia QMSS (and Soc), Irvine DASA -- but these are for the rich. MPA, MPP, MPH, and Ed funded so less debt. The latter degrees give you room to take some sociology classes and write a thesis at the end. If you decide not to pursue PhD then you have a professional degree that will get you a JoB. Do some research and find out which schools fund well.
  4. Friends, I know this may have been asked before but is the final decision to be expected the upcoming midnight or end of business day on Friday, April 15th?
  5. did you attend a top institution (either liberal arts or uni) for undergrad? I have very average gpa, GRE, and I'm sure my writing sample and sop was just ok. I think previous institution helped in this case bc everything else was average. Which means reputable professors who can attest to your potential too edit: by average I mean edging towards low lol
  6. it also makes me wonder if the interview was actually less interview and more of an acceptance. idk why they would say that they are inviting more than they are taking then. strange!
  7. oh interesting! I just noticed you were referring to today's vandy post. lol I guess they decided interviews are a bad idea!! congrats to that person
  8. is it reasonable to ask for more money due to cost of living? For example, two schools offered same package but one will get you far more due to location...
  9. Hello, any ideas on how to get off of it? Just continue contact and show of interest? I am currently working so cannot imagine having any relevant updates for the school...
  10. ru sure fellowship means more money on top of stipend? when I got fellowship my school emailed that they would reduce my teaching to quarter time (10 hours instead of 20)-- so same money at end of day but just less work...
  11. SO helpful!!! Capital letters to emphasize the quantity and quality of your helpful reply. Thank you gingin, i hope you enjoy the trip and maybe get to stay an extra few days to make it even more worthwhile
  12. my mushy brain meant-- does stipend include health insurance and fees-- woops! I am not sure, it is one day and $300 does not fully cover flight from the east coast if you do, pretty please do share your impression of the campus, people, davis!
  13. Thanks for clarifying!! i really appreciate it. can she live without struggling? lol i don't want to count my pennies every time i need to buy a cup of coffee bc i know grad school will involve lots of coffee.... ALSO, does stipend include tuition and fees? i did not really understand that portion of the letter Lastly, are summer RA/TA positions generally accessible to students? I am concerned for years 2,3,4,5
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