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  1. I got rejected from NPSIA. However, I have already accepted my offer for elsewhere so no sad feelings here. Hopefully you will find out soon and will get in. Best of luck
  2. I have also been waitlisted for Munk but I am not gonna get my hopes up. As for NPSIA I still haven't received an email from Tabbitha. So its not looking so good. My status still says "recommended for assessment" I called her and she said to email her with my Carleton ID and she would get back to me. When I emailed her I received an automatic message: "Thank you for your email. Please note that while I am currently in the office I am receiving larger than normal amounts of email so it is taking much longer to respond. I am also receiving larger than normal amount of telephone calls and would like to thank you in advance for your patience during this very busy time." Idk if they forgot about me or what? or if I am headed in the rejection pile however would be nice to know where I stand. Anyone else having the same issue?
  3. I was refused as well. Sad about it but congrats to everyone who got in. Luckily I have 3 other schools to choose from that actually want me but regardless congrats! and for those of us who didn't get in perhaps it was not meant to be.
  4. np i know its hard. hopefully we find out soon
  5. Its 3:10 am in Geneva so 6-10 hours from now? could be later
  6. the forum just disappeared lol.
  7. Thank you! hopefully it works out regardless of what the decision is. And NPSIA and Balsillie are both great schools so it's tough decision I am sure whichever you choose will be the right one for you and hopefully it works out for the best
  8. That sucks I hate when they say waitlist or put on hold. My friend was put on hold for NPSIA last year until May and they ended up rejecting her so it doesn't really help when they say that
  9. I know but like you said its really stressful because you have to make a decision for certain schools and the deadlines are soon. The wait doesn't really help
  10. I haven't received any email and my status hasn't changed. It's still "recommended for assessment". I am assuming I am either gonna get rejected or be put on hold like other applicants....wish they would just tell me so I could move on... However, Congrats to those that got in!
  11. so I got her email regarding her emailing us about our status changes around 3:50 pm on Friday so it could be anytime before that as well. Also she said in the email she will be beginning to email us on Monday so I assume because there are many applicants she won't get through everyone today. I personally haven't heard anything from her today.
  12. i got that email too. its not a reply to an email I think she just sent it to everyone. It is what I assume.
  13. exactly! they are obviously going to assess us again if a space opens up.
  14. check your spam? sometimes emails get placed there for no reason. For NPSIA Tabbitha said the changes in the statuses will occur on Monday for those who have been accepted I guess. Otherwise, we have to keep on waiting. I hate how they are dragging this for so long.
  15. Monday will be judgement day for NPSIA Got wait listed for Munk
  16. I don't think it's bad. Hopefully, we will hear from them soon and the 'recommended for assessment' status belongs to NPSIA, because I haven't heard of such status for Munk. So lets hang in there.
  17. Congrats! Munk is a great school and I agree every grad school is expensive better to go to one that you will enjoy regardless of the debt lol
  18. I got accepted into their MA program for International Affairs. Definitely excited about it, however still waiting on other schools. Has anyone else applied? or got accepted and decided to go there?
  19. same lol. Honestly even if its expensive I don't care lol anywhere I go is expensive also I will be in debt regardless.
  20. Nope still says "recommended for assessment"
  21. I know but its out of our hands hopefully they let us know by the end of this week
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