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  1. Well, rejected from Boulder for education. It was my dream school and it hurts a little bit. That's all my applications and as of now I am officially released from APPLICATION PURGATORY! Thankfully I was accepted with assistantship at the school where I got my masters and I'm looking forward to it. Now I can actually start planning my life. This is probably my last post here. Good luck everyone!!
  2. Rejected via Email, personalized attachment with my name as the file name. Way to get my hopes up. Jesus. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Thanks! And I'm relieved to hear it might be that nothing's been sent yet. It seems like in the past years based on the results acceptances went out in early Feb. Good luck!
  4. I solder electronics for my hobby, mostly building sound synthesizers. Something about liquifying metal into a shiny alloy feels so good. Other than that it's binge watching X-files and playing Rocket League with friends. just like many of you, I'm still waiting, my heart beating more heavily this last week than ever before. It's a constant state of panic always in the background. Just let me know I'm rejected so I can let the other school know! Also lying in bed wondering if this is worth it, leaving a salary job to not get paid for 3-4 years. eek.
  5. Just curious if anyone is waiting like me on CU Boulder PhDs in Education. I'm C&I. My online account stills says under review. Any acceptances or rejections?
  6. Hoping everyone hears back something this week from everywhere they applied! Good luck! Out of 3 applications: 1 acceptance, 1 rejection, 1 waiting, waiting, waiting
  7. Coffee, coffee, whiskey, and Red Hot Blues cornchips.
  8. I teach at a high school and haven't told anyone but my closest teacher friends. I'm not sure when I'll let the administration know. Probably in April when I know for sure where I'm accepted. It's been stressful for me and will probably get a little emotional when I tell our principal. But as @TakeruK said, it's normal for people to move on and do what's best for them.
  9. Waiting to hear from Boulder, Edu PhD... My girlfriend and I are just waiting on the news so we'll know where we're moving in 4 months. If I check my inbox 10 time every hour, does that make the College of Education secretary send the emails quicker? Should I up it to 20 times an hour? Any help appreciated.
  10. Nicole, I can really feel what you're feeling. I'm also in an urban low achieving school district in the South. I love teaching but after 4 years the burnout has set in, especially in the last few weeks, all focused around discipline issues, student lack of effort, and school/district problems. I really do care about education and I want to change things. I love curriculum and teaching and planning, but everything else SUCKS so bad, and we just try to "shut our doors and teach." If you are not accepted, try not to let it get to you. Another year "in the trenches" is not so fun for us as p
  11. I'm also teacher, waiting on hearing back from a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. Thankfully I've had good days, but one class yesterday was awful. I feel extra detached from my students and it's hard to care, and I feel bad about that considering I'm going into the field. I think part of it is that I teach a language, and most of my work is getting kids into the next year. But now since I won't be there next year, it's hard to care about them continuining! I've already been accepted into my "safety" school (took only 2 days to get accepted because I got my MAT there and they know me), but I
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