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  1. Fall 2017 MFA

    No reply from GMU yet. Any news of more acceptances in fiction from GMU, anyone?
  2. Fall 2017 MFA

    @manandcamel: Thanks. Just shot him a mail.
  3. Fall 2017 MFA

    Hello everyone, I have applied only to two universities this year and I have already got an acceptance from University of San Francisco in both fiction and poetry. I had been accepted to George Mason's program last year but since TA ship wasn't available, I had to reapply this year, which I had done as early as October. I am yet to hear from them.Should I email the program director? I need to report to USF soon, so that's why I am confused.
  4. Fall 2016 MFA

    Finally, after a long wait, accepted at George Mason. However, no funding in first year it seems.
  5. Fall 2016 MFA

    Happy Holi to you too @holycat! Sorry to hear that @witezslav, I think they will send me one too!
  6. Fall 2016 MFA

    Thanks for the information @holycat! I wish I get in to one of these!
  7. Fall 2016 MFA

    Hello, Does anyone have any word from SIU Carbondale, Boston, George Mason and NCSU? The wait is getting all the more strenuous with the stream of rejections.
  8. Fall 2016 MFA

    Any word from UCR (California, Riverside)?
  9. Fall 2016 MFA

    @FalloutCoversEverything Read Adichie's Half of a Yellow Sun a few days ago. Loved the narrative and the story.
  10. Fall 2016 MFA

    Another rejection. UTK this time. Dwindling hopes. I wonder why I ever applied. 1a/3r/0w
  11. Fall 2016 MFA

    Thanks for the words of encouragement @FalloutCoversEverything!
  12. Fall 2016 MFA

    Received a kind formal rejection from NWP. Goodbye to my UT Austin dreams.
  13. Fall 2016 MFA

    Received a rejection from UMass Amherst...hopes dashed
  14. Fall 2016 MFA

    Thanks @manoshij., although I am waiting for other schools' replies. they had sent me a mail.
  15. Fall 2016 MFA

    Congratulations @karosko! I had applied to ncsu fiction, no news yet. Have they sent all the acceptances? Waiting is making me crazy!