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  1. Fall 2018 Cycle

    I feel like I should've applied to more schools (I'm already a grad student at USyd though)...
  2. Fall 2018 Cycle

    I feel like your creds are enough to get into at least some schools. You surely have a good shot at schools like UCI and Michigan.
  3. SOP for chemistry PhD program

    You don't need to include it if it's in your CV (which it should be). The SOP is not a second CV -- you need to include information that they can't get from there. General piece of advice, try to convey meaning with less words... Your section: Dr. Sigman research on metal-catalyzed coupling reactions is specifically what I want to investigate as a graduate student, I think coupling reactions can pave the way for more efficient biorenewable olefins valorization, while also generating less waste than traditional methods of alkene modification. Edited: I am interested in Dr. Sigman's research on metal-catalyzed coupling reactions towards more efficient biorenewable olefins valorization compared to traditional alkene modifications. See how I've basically said the same thing with like, half the space? It cleans up your writing and removes the fluff that isn't needed. It gives you more space to write something meaningful. Avoid saying things that are obvious - like, generating "less waste" and "more efficient" don't really need to be stated together. They're almost the same thing and you waste space - just use one of them.
  4. Fall 2018 Cycle

    Geeeeeez, lol.
  5. SOP for chemistry PhD program

    To be honest, I feel like you tell more than you show - you need to also consider why you are a fit for them, not just how you fit there. I don't feel you really explain why you're a good fit for particular groups. What about their research interests you - you don't even mention the research they do...
  6. Fall 2018 Cycle

    It's based on WES conversions, which is pretty standard. Obviously, difficulty depends on the person - most people that went on exchange to UC Berkeley, UPenn, and Cornell etc never got below a 3.8 GPA (around 80 averages in Australia). My average is around 77 but my chemistry is around 85. My honours mark is 88 which is around 90+ percentile in chemistry and around 80 percentile in honours. Also, I'm at Sydney - completely different model to Melbourne.
  7. Fall 2018 Cycle

    Undergrad Institution: Top 3 Australian UniversityMajor(s): Chemistry, Environmental StudiesMinor(s):GPA in Major: ~3.8 (Aus GPA), equiv. ~3.9+ (US GPA), First Class HonoursOverall GPA: ~2.6 (Aus GPA), equiv. ~3.6 (US GPA)Position in Class: Top 20% in the Honours class, probably top ~5% in all of chemistry.Type of Student: International, Male, Asian, PoorGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 169 (96%)V: 152 (56%)W: 4.5 (82%)S: 880 (94%)Research Experience: Two years full time in mechanistic and catalysis. As undergrad RA, ~6 months in drug discovery, one summer in environmental sciences, a semester in spectroscopy, and a semester in physics education research.Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Chemistry prize for honours, two residential college scholarships, a council scholarship, RTP stipend ($27k/year), and CSIRO top-up scholarship ($7k/year)Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Lab demonstrator for first and third year chemistry, total of two years teaching.Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Two poster presentations at high-level conferences Special Bonus Points: Australian accent for advertising purposes, if needed.Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Went on exchange to UW-Madison for a semester Applying to Where:Princeton University University of Cambridge (possibly)
  8. Chemistry Profile Thoughts

    Hi, Just wanted to know whether my profile is reasonable to apply to places like Penn, Princeton, Yale, and Cambridge (those are places with my interests). I'll probably only apply to four places since I'm already at a decent university (usually ranked around the same as upper-end US public universities like UW-Madison). Undergraduate Details First class honours (88) WAM/GPA: US equivalent of ~3.5, around 3.9 for chemistry. One semester on exchange to UW-Madison (but I got rekt in classes, around 3.2 GPA lol). Currently a grad student at my undergrad institution on around five scholarships (total around $40k/year + $10k for research expenses - too bad this can't transfer to the US =/) (two full-time research years in my current group - honours year is one, this year is my second) working on a project that was predominantly my own idea in photoredox catalysis. Obviously, from the funding I have here, I'm only considering places that have research that I think is more or less perfect fit. Other research: One summer at another university doing environmental science, one semester in physics education research, one semester in organic solar cells research, one semester in drug discovery (malaria) So yeah, 2 full-time years, around 1.5 years of not full-time research. From this, have a decent grasp on HPLC, NMR (did lots of quantitative NMR), GC-FID From research, I would have two letters from supervisors - my current supervisor has sent a bunch of students to places like Cambridge before and has said I'm more than capable, so I guess that should be a strong letter. Another from the postdoc I was assigned and is now a Lecturer (equiv. to Assistant Professor) which I expect is strong. Last one is probably from a professor that has a close relationship with my current group (ie we have the same group meetings and share all our resources etc). My personal statement is tailored towards Princeton (mainly Doyle and MacMillan groups) - my current work is photoredox catalysis which was based on an idea I have in my current lab but my university is really not tailored towards catalysis work (hence applying to Princeton). GRE V: 152 (56%) (obvious weakness here) Q: 169 (96%) W: 4.5 (82%) C: 880 (94%) Also, I'd like to know how high I can aim for and still have a reasonable shot. Obviously, acceptance rates are <10% but I don't want to be throwing my money around lol Thanks
  9. Fall 2018 Applicants

    I'd say the top 4 in Australia for chemistry would be: 1. Monash University 2. University of Melbourne 3. Australian National University 4. University of Sydney Realistically, any university from the Group of Eight (similar to Russell Group in the UK) will be fine .
  10. Fall 2018 Applicants

    Australia doesn't require a master's to do a PhD. I definitely know some people doing proteins and peptides stuff at the University of Sydney.
  11. Program Specific Thread - Princeton U

    Just curious, how open is Princeton to accepting international students? Of the groups I'm interested in, there aren't many international students but I'm not sure if it's because far less international students apply or it's much tougher to get admitted as an international.
  12. 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    That's fantastic news! UCSD is very respectable and a hard to get admitted to - so congrats! Obviously, you must've gotten some absurdly strong letters or written a great statement.
  13. International Student - Future Goals for SOP

    Yeah, that's a lot of money (more than I expected) - the system we have here is definitely very different because our stipend and tuition usually comes directly from the government (second tier students get stipends from the university) so admission is usually pretty easy. All the institutions I'm applying to are private schools except Cambridge (4 schools total) - I'm currently a grad student in Sydney (same institution as undergrad) but research fit is fairly average so no big loss if I get rejected from everywhere. Acceptance rates are usually a fair bit lower for international students though, even at private schools.
  14. International Student - Future Goals for SOP

    Yeah, makes a lot of sense now. I think there is some element of competition between countries but within academia itself, the research is more curiosity-driven rather than for a direct economic outcome (which would be industry). I guess I should just start applying for some external funding to make myself more competitive. Just curious here, international students are fighting uphill - how much external funding would I need to level the playing field? $A40000 for one year like the Fulbright and a few other programs? We have a few major scholarships like $A65000 per year for three years but I'm pretty sure that's enough to make a strong case for admission.
  15. 2017 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Congrats on your acceptances to Princeton.