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  1. Oh thanks for the quick reply! I'm not actually sure the stipends are comparable (I was actually assuming they'd all provide me with similar lifestyle, not that the actual amounts were the same, but that they were scaled appropriately based on what I'd be spending my money on in each region, if that makes sense). Not all schools have given me information, and those that have all give it in different formats. One school specifies that it's for 4 years, and the other schools don't indicate, so I'm not sure if I'm meant to assume that it's only for 1 year or what. Either way, I'll ask for mo
  2. I've read through a few of these threads, and the common theme seems to be people who clearly (from an outsider's perspective) already know what they want coming to that realization on their own by hearing input from others. So...here I am. Possibly already decided, but certainly don't feel that way. I've been accepted to UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, Northwestern, and CU Boulder for CS PhD programs. As far as I can see, here is how things breakdown. Stipends are comparable at each school: UC Berkeley Area: I don't love NorCal (I lived in the area for ~7 years so I'm
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