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  1. If anyone going to the University of Alabama for library science sees this, would you like to join a facebook group? Over 4,000 people have seen my previous post but only 3 other people attending Alabama have responded. I will be in the on campus cohort and would love to start a group.
  2. Congrats everyone! I'm already registered. I'm so excited to attend that I already ordered a book or two lol So far it seems like library science textbooks are relatively cheaper than what I'm used to paying for
  3. My decision was sent in an e-mail and through the mail. I got the e-mail about a week before the mail letter.
  4. I applied by the December 1st deadline for on campus applicants. It seems like they must go through two different acceptance processes for the two terms.
  5. They have been very communicative with me but I was accepted a few weeks ago. It sucks that they are taking so much time to get back to y'all.
  6. I have an acquaintance who hasn't heard back either. I guess the sheer number of applicants might slow them down, but still.
  7. It's crazy that they wait so late to review applications when admission decisions are due by April 15th! Have you heard back yet?
  8. You were right. I was 15/200 people to get a GAship! Feeling lucky
  9. Awesome! Good luck! I think I will accept my admission there soon, just waiting to see if I for sure want to move there.
  10. I just got back a few today and replied to your earlier comment! I forgot about this forum for a while. Did you apply to Alabama? I have heard good things from my friends (all three are now employed at libraries)
  11. I was friends with online campus students. They already had jobs. My friend John is employed at a community college as a librarian now so it treated him well.
  12. I totally forgot about this thread while finishing my current master's defense over the last few months lol I got into University of Alabama (graduate assistant offer and half funding), University of Wisconsin, LSU, and the University of Oklahoma!
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