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  1. Kratistos

    MFA at UNLV

    Hey guys, I have a job opportunity in Las Vegas after I graduate college. I was wondering if I were to take this job if the UNLV creative writing program was any good?
  2. Hey everyone, I am interested in creating, "Conceptual Albums" where there's a narrative throughout the whole album. My ultimate goal is to eventually partner with a producer to release the lyrics into a album. Think Kendrick Lamar's good kid, mad city or Blur's Parklife. Anyone know programs that could help me in this path?
  3. Kratistos

    Bilingual MFA programs/Spanish speaking professors

    Hey, I am looking into this myself. I heard about Iowa writer's workshop they offer a Spanish MFA as well as NYU. I bet they can let you have your degree in Spanish and take some classes in English.
  4. Kratistos

    Denver, CO

    I like Denver. I would definitely live or at least spend a whole summer there.Downtown Denver is very convenient with lots of great places to eat like Grimaldi's, Jamba Juice and Earl's. There is also a vibrant nightlife Beta, Viewhouse and Club Vinyl. Having lived in NYC, Denver feels like a hometown to have fun with your family. Somehow other cities give me a less family friendly vibe but Denver and the Springs are very welcoming with open spaces, friendly people and an easy going vibe that big cities lack. I would say it is the perfect place for a retreat.
  5. Kratistos

    Best interdisciplinary Phd programs?

    Thank's a lot guys, you are giving me excellent advice. I am leaning towards what jrockford27 said. I do think that doing a phd is an big commitment and realistically it will suck a lot of time out of me. For me now it is more about "CONSEQUENCES." Like realistically how will my day to day look like if I choose path X. Or how will my situation change? That is the mistake that I made when choosing a small liberal arts college. I made my decision based on expectations and not consequences. I expected that going to a small school would be afford me with a tight knit group of friends. However, I was unable to see that being around the same people would actually be boring and I would have less new people to socialize. Therefore, I am almost 90% sure that I need to take time off and go to NYC to figure some things out. Before, I return and graduate.
  6. Kratistos

    Best interdisciplinary Phd programs?

    Thank's a lot guys.Here's a bunch of thoughts that keep me awake at night! 1) One of the main reasons for doing a phd would be to get a job after I graduate. I am an international student, hence, I am worried that if I do an MFA, it may not work out. How will I be able to support myself? Could I get a job? I have some friends who are painters and plan on living off their paintings but is that a reliable career? 2)My other plan is to get a phd in linguistic anthropology and try to publish novels by the side. Thereby, I could have a job as a linguistic anthropologists and if publishing books doesn't work out, I'll be alright. But would I have any time to write? It seems like the phd path is very demanding and time consuming with a narrow scope. 3) I originally wanted to be a philosopher but I had some intellectual disagreements with my school faulty, causing my GPA to drop. After switching to an interdisciplinary major my GPA has gone through the roof. But I have no clear direction. I know I could get into an philosophy MA program with a faculty which has similar interests to mine and take it from there. But afterwards, it seems that at the philosophy path gets harder and harder not only to get into phd programs but also the job market. I am confident I can pull it off but it would require me to invest a LOT of time and effort, and the final payoff might not be top programs..etc. 4) My other plan of becoming a writer also has me worried. My goal is to have creative freedom to write about social issues. A friend told me about applying to USC or those sorts of schools but my worry is that after I graduate I could end up writing a within the parameters of certain industries( hollywood manufactured stuff..etc) and away from my real concerns. 5) My last two plans are to apply to a Spanish Culture Phd program and since spanish is my native language I could get accepted and try to be literary scholar. Or to apply to a journalism school in NYC do one year and hit the ground running. Therefore, I could improve both my writing skills, grammar but also cover very interesting social issues like radical groups..etc. My worry is if I would get stuck there or will I be able to branch out and write comic books and science fiction. Hahaha, I apologize for writing so much. I am just a young man who has realized that there comes a point in life when one needs to start making tough decisions that will have a long term impact.
  7. Hello, I talked with my philosophy advisor and he thinks that I would do better at an interdisciplinary phd as opposed to philosophy phd. program I starting to agree with him.I like the Chicago Social Thought Phd but I would be interested in learning about other programs. My ultimate goal is to become a science fiction author but I am more interested in reading philosophy than classic works of literature.
  8. Kratistos

    Transfer Credits from MA to PhD

    Interesting question. What about studying at Tuft, GSU or Brandeis and the moving to Europe to do your Phd at Oxford. Is this possible? How long would it take?
  9. Hey everyone, I am really passionate about comic books and manga and I would be interested in a program that is friendly towards teaching this kind of writing. Reading some of your posts, I get the feeling that some programs are not interested in anything outside of realist fiction.
  10. Hello, I love linguistic anthropology and I hope to pursue a program in grad school. At the same time, I really like philosophy, especially, the Philosophy of Language and Logic is there an interdisciplinary program MA/Phd which might cover both of these interests?
  11. Kratistos

    Pick either of two: Rank or Location

    This is really hard. Before I would have said rank all the way. But now I realized that fit is probably the most important factor. Find a school were you will succeed and have a great time. More importantly one that is supportive of you. I had wonderful experiences with professors who wanted me to succeed and made an effort for me to do great in their class.
  12. Kratistos

    NYU Gallatin MA?

    Hi everyone, Does any of you have experience with this program? I am interested in it but reluctant that it might be too interdisciplinary and not a good starting path for a career. What do you think?
  13. Kratistos

    A reason to keep hope

    What do you guys think of men using ,"he" and women using "she" each time one of them uses an abstract example. This way girls won't need to abide to the standard male pronoun. At the same time, it will be easier for guys to simply use he. Most guys don't have a mysognist intent in mind but rather just use it since they are male themselves.
  14. Kratistos

    Master of Logic program at ILLC(UvA)?

    I am very interested in this program as a lot of alumni from UCI's LPS work here. Could I just start from scratch with Philosophy of Science? I have yet to take a class. But I have taken all the logic sequence up to inductive.
  15. Hi guys, I finishing up my interdisciplinary major(philosophy and linguistics) (3.9) and overall GPA(3.75). I really want to go into Tufts philosophy program but I don't know how competitive it is. I wrote to them and they told me to focus on my writing sample(which I am doing). Is it more of a luck thing, they said that only 7 to 13 applicants are selected? What are the cut off GRE scores?

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