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  1. Top tier schools (because they had the research I was interested in) NYU, Columbia, Mt Sinai, UChicago, Northwestern, Wash U, UCLA, UCSD, USC, UCSF. My current PI and my former PI at BU both wrote me recommendations, as well as a professor from BU who is a co director of the Alzheimer's research group at BU and a Harvard and BU medical school professor. I had several people (both in science and not) read over my statement of purpose. That is mainly been my problem, just being able to find the research I want at lower tier schools. Most PIs I have spoken to have
  2. Hi everyone! I applied to 10 PhD programs in Neuroscience for admission in Fall 2016. I have yet to hear from two schools, but they have had their interview weekends, so I have accepted the fact that I have been rejected from all of them. I definitely aimed too high, but I'm not sure where else to apply. I want to do research in neurodegenerative diseases and I've found that lower tier schools do not have labs with this research. I have four years of research experience in behavioral neuroscience (addiction and fear learning) with three publications and more to come. So, here are th
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