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  1. Just in case anyone has been given this option: I got my letter of admission (fully into the program) with a great funding package from American. I risked it, yes, and took the two non-degree courses. I'm doing very well, submitted my midterm grades along with my application and was admitted fully into the program a week later. Sometimes it's worth taking those risks!
  2. Well, that doesn't bother me too much considering it would only be a semester. It's only like 3-4 months? I get it if you were in limbo for years, however.
  3. And thus the root of my decision. To go all in or not...
  4. Okay, so let me throw it all out there. 1) I graduated last semester from Florida State. 2) I am currently living in Washington D.C and have a full-time job. My parents have an apartment in the city, meaning cost living in DC is zero. Part of the reason AU is my top choice is that it would allow me to stay in Washington, keep my job, stay at a place that doesn't cost me a penny while I save up and am able to move into a place of my own for the long-term. In that sense, moving back to Tallahassee would cost me more than staying in DC considering 1) I'd have to pay rent and 2) I can al
  5. What I quoted in my first post was the e-mail from the DGS. Now, here's the portion of the official letter that speaks about the classes. It seems as though they're only asking me to take two courses.
  6. I would be lying if I said I'm not leaning towards AU. However, I truly do not intend to make my decision until April 15th. I'm just turning to the forums to see what others have to say, so I definitely appreciate it the responses! I have a meeting set up on Monday with the DGS to discuss all of this. I was thinking of giving Tallahassee a call and see what they say about a possible deferment if I pay a deposit - is that a bad idea?
  7. I'm not particularly considering Syracuse. Only mentioned it because I got in. At this very moment, it's FSU vs AU for me. AU offers me the chance to stay in DC and work my ever-growing professional network I've built through WashPo. It allows me to have access to a more well-rounded education, given that I'd able to go to all the AU events and be active in the IR community in Washington. AU also has a much better alumni network in the IR community than FSU.
  8. Nothing above a 3.15. Missed the last 5 there. My apologies. It's not that I don't want to go to UF/FSU. AU is my top choice and I'm enticed by any opportunity given to go there. The way I see it is this: they're asking me to take two classes before reapplying for the spring (that in itself shows their willingness to give me another chance given that SIS has a policy of waiting two semesters after a rejection to reapply). If I don't get into AU the second time around, I can still transfer those credits to another institution. Given that FSU is my undergrad institution and that my maj
  9. I would prefer not to only because I really do want to get school out of the way. I would love to have the opportunity to settle down a bit and all.
  10. Yes, I graduated last semester with a 3.15 from Florida State. Last two semesters were 4.0s. GRE was 163V 151Q 5.5A. I'm currently working living in DC working at the Washington Post's political division through the rest of the primary cycle.
  11. I had a terrible first two semesters in college due to personal circumstances. I failed classes due to absences, not because my classwork. I had many B+'s and A-'s that were turned to F's All this was explained in my addendum. However, it's mathematically impossible to graduate with anything above a 3.1. (long story short, I came in freshman year with 45 credits of AP, cutting my GPA recovery time by 3 semesters.) I get why a top program would try to do this. On paper, I'm a much weaker candidate than the rest of the pool. I get it. But I'm taking this as a lifeline to prove myself.
  12. Hi everyone - I just wanted some advice on what to do here. I'm applying for an MA in International Affairs and I got into the other three schools to which I applied (Florida State, Florida, and Syracuse). I got partial funding for both Florida State and Florida, no funding at Syracuse. My top choice is SIS at American University. Today I got my decision and it was the following: "The committee saw great potential in your application, but is not able to admit you at this time. However, the committee has recommended that you take some courses at SIS in the fall as a non-degree student and
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