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  1. Thanks a lot for the very detailed reply! I am trying to check this factor before I start applying. Because the application procedure sure costs a lot. Most of the programs I prefer are offered in US universities (according to the amount of research I did) and I need a programme that provides fully funding at least during the first year.. Anyhow, thanks again!
  2. Thanks a lot! And congrats on UC-Berkeley! That's kind of my dream school. But I'm not sure whether my GPA is up to their standards. Could you please let me know more about your GPA/GRE/TOEFL scores if you don't mind? Thanks
  3. I am a Sri Lankan national and I recently finished my 4-year Bachelors specializing in Statistics. I am looking for a scholarship for a PhD in Statistics/Biostatistics. Do all the PhD programmes by default fully fund the overseas students in USA (or in other countries)? Or do I have to specifically check that with the university before I apply? Thanks
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