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  1. Thanks, RCtheSS! Yes, I have already contacted some current and past students but I thought posting online couldn't hurt. I'd just like to hear as much as possible about UAlbany in general before going. I'm coming from a small lib arts college where I've been spoiled by caring and accessible professors/advisors, and I'm wondering how different the big university experience will be. Also, for anyone reading, my question about registration has already been answered--I just got an email from Albany yesterday after making the post. I guess I was a little impatient...
  2. Hi! I have just accepted my offer of admission to the 2-year MSW program at SUNY Albany for Fall 2016. I haven't heard too much from the school and so I was hoping this might be a good place to get some questions answered, and just to hear about anyone's experience with Albany's MSW program. So, I'm wondering about a few things: - How accessible are advisors? Anyone have recommendations of how to get a good advisor? - How big is the MSW program in general, and how big are classes? Is there a sense of community? Do you feel like you come to know students and professors well?
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