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  1. HKS 2017

    I won't argue with you on the feasibility of calling. It's just that HKS admissions team looks a lot smaller than that of B-schools, and I've only seen them communicating via email. I read in previous threads that they do ensure to include personalized message in their acceptance letters, though.
  2. HKS 2017

    Whether they did or not doesn't matter because HKS receives applications from around the world. It's not feasible for the Ad Com to call every single candidate across different time zones. For example, it'll be almost 3am when the result comes out, and I'm in Asia. Ph.D is more likely, given the number of years that students spend attending, as well as interviews undertaken and research to be conducted under auspice of specific professors.
  3. Yale Jackson 2017

    On their FAQ page, they noted that they release decisions during the first or second week of March. Though it seems like they've been announcing earlier in recent years..
  4. HKS 2017

    I can't believe Matt and his team are reading off names of accepted in a room...while we are fretting over screen changes, haha. Looks like they will surely release the decision by Wed, keeping up the pattern from last year. Good luck to us all!
  5. HKS 2017

    Changed for me also! I was wondering if anyone could give two cents on HKS admissions statistics for international students. On their class profile webpage, it says roughly 25% of 225 MPP students have been international students the past few years, which translates to admitting about 60 per class. This year they received applications from 148 countries. Do you guys think that the Ad Com would evaluate decisions by comparing profiles against other candidates from same country/region? And does 148 nations include students who applied to MPP, MC/MPA, and MPA/ID?
  6. HKS 2017

    I second PublicServant - I was being neurotic and checked past HKS blog posts and gradcafe results, and it's likely that the decisions will be released on Wed, the 8th around 1pm. This year's blog post series align exactly with last year's, like uploading one about decision categories the end of February. The anticipation is killing me!
  7. Blavatnik OXFORD 2017

    The Ad Com won't release the admissions decision until March 17th...according to their blog.
  8. HKS 2017

    Whether you apply for fellowships has no effect on the admissions decision, because the evaluation process is need-blind. Admissions director Matt Clemons noted on one of the HKS blog posts that because the ad com evaluates on the candidate's "fit" to the program, they don't necessarily factor in the financial capability, and often end up declining students whose tuition might have been fully funded by respective government/external scholarships. I think they just really want the students to at least apply for funding, as this is the only chance that they could during the two years at HKS, should they be accepted. This being said, I'm off to finishing my app!