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  1. Hi juilletmercredi and zechocmoose, Thank you both very much for your thoughtful responses. I genuinely appreciate the insight you have given in determining my decision. I've decided to decline this research opportunity. Although I feel it would be a good experience, I don't see it being feasible with everything I have planned next fall and the direction I plan to head in my career. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm currently an undergraduate student (junior) seeking to pursue my Master's in Higher Education upon graduation. I was just offered to be a research assistant with a first author professor for next fall, (fall 2016) my senior year. I will have two other internships next fall, so I will be busy. However, I was wondering whether or not I should accept this offer? In other words, do M. Ed. or M. Arts programs research-focused at all? Does it depend on the program? What would this experience look like for my applications since my research experience will be starting around the time I'm completing grad school applications. This research opportunity is NOT in education, it is in my major. Also, I've done research with a professor previously, not in education either. So, I've done a little research before. If anyone could please help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  3. Hi, everyone! I've been scrolling through posts on this site and finally decided to give in and create an account! I'm currently a junior in my undergrad but need to start preparing for the application process to graduate school. Through ample internships, I've fallen in love with higher education administration. I have two primary questions that I cannot seem to find answers to elsewhere: 1. What is the likelihood that one may be accepted into an Ed.D. program straight from undergrad? All of the research I've done thus far indicate they require a master's degree. 2. I've been looking at various master's programs, (TC, HGSE, UPenn) but have yet to find any information on the student population makeup of these groups. I was wondering if anyone would be able to give insight into the student consistency of these higher education programs? More specifically, do these programs include many students directly from undergraduate studies or are they more early/mid-career heavy? If anyone could please contribute, I'd truly appreciate it! -grad_girl
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