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  1. Hi! Thanks, that seems pretty reassuring. They haven't told me anything about funding though, so I guess I'll figure things out as I go. How's it to live in San Antonio? Is it cheap, and are there many places where I can get a job? (Like part time jobs?) PS. Sorry for the empty quotes, I don't know how to delete them on my phone
  2. I got into Uni of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (Masters in Immunology and infection) and Drexel (Masters in Infectious diseases) and now I'm quite confused about which one to accept. both of them seem like a good fit for me, but I am leaning toward Drexel because the research internship seems like a great opportunity. But it's so expensive! Does can anyone give me any insights on the programs and the general atmosphere in both the colleges? I've done some reading but it's really not helping me decide. And wow I wish I'd discovered this site sooner! I felt so alone during the application process...
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