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  1. Hi. I am new to this forum. So I'm having trouble finding relevant information to my query. I graduated from Civil Engineering department. Though it was my dream to study robotics, for some reasons I could not get into a Mechanical Engineering program. Right now I want to change my track and go to Mechanical Engineering and get an MS and then PhD in Robotics . So, I applied to MS in ME programs in 2/3 universities and one of them (ULL) accepted me. I don't know much about their program but they have a robotics Lab. I have not received any fund from here yet. I have also applied to several civil engineering (environmental) MS/PhD programs with no luck in fund. Without fund it's gonna be little tricky for me to attend US universities. If I decide to go self funded then I see no reason not to go to ULL other than the obvious reason that what if the prof in robotics lab don't accept me to supervise? If I can get my MS degree from here what will be the possibilities of getting an offer of PhD from a high ranked uni? I am very worried. Should I just wait for funding decisions from all the unis I applied or start processing for visa to go to ULL? Has anyone received fund from ME department of ULL for this fall yet? P.S: My profile is CGPA-3.11, GRE(Q-162, V-155, AWA-3.5), IELTS-7.5, 1 journal paper in structural analysis (undergrad thesis)
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