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Major change (Civil to Mechanical)

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I am new to this forum. So I'm having trouble finding relevant information to my query.

I graduated from Civil Engineering department. Though it was my dream to study robotics, for some reasons I could not get into a Mechanical Engineering program. Right now I want to change my track and go to Mechanical Engineering and get an MS and then PhD in Robotics :rolleyes:.

So, I applied to MS in ME programs in 2/3 universities and one of them (ULL) accepted me. I don't know much about their program but they have a robotics Lab. I have not received any fund from here yet. I have also applied to several civil engineering (environmental) MS/PhD programs with no luck in fund. Without fund it's gonna be little tricky for me to attend US universities. If I decide to go self funded then I see no reason not to go to ULL other than the obvious reason that what if the prof in robotics lab don't accept me to supervise? If I can get my MS degree from here what will be the possibilities of getting an offer of PhD from a high ranked uni?

I am very worried. Should I just wait for funding decisions from all the unis I applied or start processing for visa to go to ULL?

Has anyone received fund from ME department of ULL for this fall yet?


P.S: My profile is CGPA-3.11, GRE(Q-162, V-155, AWA-3.5), IELTS-7.5, 1 journal paper in structural analysis (undergrad thesis)


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I'm assuming your an international applicant, but it is still difficult for any masters applicant to get funding from the mechanical engineering department...unless your one of their top applicants. Masters students receive their funding offers after Phd candidates, and in my opinion they make all their decisions before June. Honestly your best options would be to talk to your university's department professors directly and ask if they have any funding opportunities  in the future. For the ones that really interest you (and have possible future funds to fund someone), then take the graduate classes that they teach and do well to show them that you are serious. You might get chances for funding in your 2nd year. If you receive high grades and do some good research, then you have the possibility of being accepted for a funded Phd at ULL or somewhere else.

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