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  1. hey, i was looking at StevensIT for pursuing Industrial Engineering. I got a mail from them with a admission fee waiver -very lucrative in the current economy. I am an international student from India with gre score of 319 q159 v160. I really cldnt find much about stevens on line.

    Can you tell me what to expect there?

    1. ikenna901


      would love to know this also

  2. hey guys, need help: my scores on the manhattan prep model tests and the first ets pp 1 are all around 156 both Quant and Verbal. I have like...15 days to the test. any advice will be graciously accepted.
  3. hey guys: ummm... i have 19 days including today to prepare for my gre. yesterday i took the power prep test 1 and got 312 and the manhattan prep gre CAT exams also predict my score around the same level (I took 2 manhattan cat tests). How to push my score upto a 325 atleast. I am now working my way through magoosh gre lesson videos and the manhattan strategy guides. Any advice. Oh and any tips on how to work through the 5lb book of gre questions?
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