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  1. Hi All, I was hoping to get a little advice. I was accepted recently to both ASU and USC's online MSW programs. My goal is become an LCSW and eventually work in addiction treatment. I'm leaning towards USC as it has better name recognition and also places students in field practicums. ASU is far cheaper (about 1/3 the price) but students must find their own facilities to intern at while in the program. I also want to avoid the stigma of attending school online but need the flexibility so I can work and pay my living expenses during the program. I live in the LA area and USC's online degree is indistinguishable from the in-person degree. I feel like future employers would assume I attended on campus. If I go the ASU route, my internships will be in the LA area and it will be pretty clear I went to an online program. I also went to UCLA for my undergrad and like the idea of the UCLA/USC combo. USC is just absurdly expensive and I feel like most of what I learn will occur outside the classroom. Can I get any advice or recommendations? Thanks!
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