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  1. Leviathan

    Philadelphia, PA

    I agree with Daradara's comments. Center city is quite affordable for renting and many Nova grads do this and commute a couple times a week to campus on SEPTA. There are also many who live in the smaller communities along the mainline. I came from the Mid-West and had a hard time accepting housing costs in this area, but didn't want to sacrifice being close to campus so I spent a lot of time checking out different areas. I ended up in Bryn Mawr at the Radnor House apartment building and there are many other Nova grads renting here as well. I would recommend Radnor House as it is only 10 minutes walk from the edge of campus, has many units so its easier to find an opening, and its affordable for the area ($1,200-$1,300 for a 2 bedroom with outdoor pool). I'm in Political Science but I have some friends in the history program and they speak very well of it.
  2. I just finished my process of searching and applying for MA programs so I'll share what might be useful for you since you mentioned Germany. I looked into MA programs taught in English in Germany and Italy quite thoroughly. Mannheim University, Cologne University, and Bremen University all seem to have good MA and PhD programs to continue into. They have tuition for around $3,000/yr starting this year or free for Bremen. Flensburg has a free tuition English taught European Studies program but I didn't look too far into it's merits. I applied to Bremen and the process wasn't too different from the US. The tough thing about applying for many of the German/Italian programs is that the application time periods vary widely. I ended having to decide on an offer before the application window even opened to start applying for 2/3's of the foreign schools I was looking to apply to. In the end I decided for personal reasons to pursue an MA in the states.
  3. I'm hoping for the same situation with improving things once we're their for awhile. My mom actually went back to school to get her BA, MA, and then PhD when I was a kid. When I was in high school we would move in the summers out of state so she could attend her PhD program and it made for some of the best adventures of my childhood.
  4. That brings up another question for me, what stats courses would you recommend as vital to take during a MA degree? And would you recommend a different list if the courses would be through the Math dept and not within the Poli Sci Dept due to learning outside of the context?
  5. Hmm in that case I might just go for the IR certificate with some stats classes on the side. Thanks for the advice!
  6. I'm 26 and got married at 22 and will be starting my Masters this coming Fall. I look forward to having the support of my wife emotionally and financially. We also have 2 kids so housing is a bit more expensive as far as what we need but we're determined to make it work. Personally I think it will be a benefit for you.
  7. I was leaning towards an IR certificate which wouldn't cost extra and wouldn't take up as many elective classes. They have one in Applied Stats but it would take up 5 of 7 elective classes and cost an additional $5,000. Is that worth it or would taking say 2 stats classes be enough until doing a PhD?
  8. Hello, I am wondering if there is much added value in obtaining a certificate when doing a Master's program if my eventual goal is to pursue a PhD? I have been admitted to a 2-year MA program with a RA full tuition fellowship that has a research track thesis to prep for a PhD program. My sub-field is IR. Thank you,
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