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  1. Hi everyone! I really need help from all the super helpful people here I am about to receive a master's degree in English Literature. However, I do not plan on studying English further. I realized that producing new knowledge to practically impact the society at large was what I truly wanted to do. I have recently learned of the field of edTech, which includes departments like instructional systems technology, learning and design, learning sciences, etc. I want to advance into this field because the sheer practicality of it is very appealing. So my question is: Do you know of any phd programs that you think I have a chance of getting in with a M.A. in English? Or maybe programs that allow starting with a M.A. and switching midway to Phd? Starting another M.A. program is a huuuuuuuge burden, economically. I have already spent two years and a whole lot of money to get my M.A I know Im supposed to do the research, like a good graduate student, but the field is just so new to me that I really am at a loss. Any advice would be super helpful, really! I hope to be able to hold on to my dream of standing at a podium someday. I love the university setting; I hope to be able to stay a while longer.
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