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  1. Hey everyone, Yale - graphic design here and mine too only says "submitted" under status. If we can't make the cut for the interview, will they change it to something like "rejected" or is it going to stay "submitted" forever, lol. Sending the vibes to everyone, stay strong!
  2. Does this mean that TOEFL scores can also be posted with delay? After paying the fee and completing all the steps, yesterday I learned that TOEFL failed to post my scores which was supposed to be delivered mid-december. They told me that they will send another one free of charge, but obviously it will be delivered no earlier than 13 of january. I mailed the Yale admissions and today they told me to request another copy from TOEFL but didn't say if my application will be valid or not. I am guessing it will still be valid since they asked me to request another one at this day and time? I am
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